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Are you a 50+ woman with an hourglass shape?

These Style Tips are for you!


  1. Emphasise your waist!


  1. Avoid straight clothes without any waist shaping. Why hide your best asset?


  1. Choosing smooth fabrics with stretch or draping will work with your shape. You can’t wrap a ball in stiff paper, so why hide your hourglass body shape with stiff fabrics?


  1. Choose well-fitting, supportive bras. Straps of the correct length will keep your bust on your chest, not your waist!


  1. Lightly fitted tops will emphasise your shape. Avoid tops that are too tight – unless you want to look like Marilyn Monroe!

hourglass kim k

  1. When buying a top, look for ruching and draping over the bust which will be flattering. Wrap tops work well if you have a fuller bust, too.


  1. A curvy sweetheart neckline will enhance your silhouette.


  1. Medium-low necklines are the most flattering if you have a fuller bust. A high neckline will not be your best look.


  1. Tucking your tops into jeans, trousers or skirts will help ensure your waistline is defined.


  1. If you are ‘tucking in’ and the trousers or jeans have belt loops, put a belt in!

hourglass old hollywood

  1. If you’d rather not ‘tuck in’, wear a belt around your waist with longer tops and shirts.


  1. Got great legs? Show them off by wearing a pencil skirt that fits over your curves but isn’t too tight (or too short – Jessica Rabbit is not an Hourglass role model!).


  1. A full skirt, which hides your tummy and hips, is definitely worth a try. It’s counter-intuitive but it really works.


  1. If you are tall with an hourglass shape, your top and skirt could be in different colours.


  1. Keeping your top and skirt in the same colour if you are petite will help you appear taller – if you want to!

hourglass christina hendricks

  1. Add a belt to define your waist – a wide belt if you are tall; a thin belt if you are petite.


  1. Softer material or leather belts will mould to your body, rather than stiff leather belts which will ‘stand away’ from your silhouette.


  1. Dresses will look wonderful on your hourglass shape when they have some waist shaping. Keep away from straight, shift dresses; rather choose dresses that gently hug your curves.


  1. Wrap dresses or fit and flare dresses will be very flattering,


  1. Or look out for dresses that are cleverly seamed and darted around the middle to accommodate your shapely body while maintaining a waistline.

hourglass marilyn monrow

  1. Love to wear trousers and jeans?  Choose styles in fabric that stretches.  Anything that’s stiff and starchy will stand away from your waist at the back.


  1. Deep darts at trouser waistbands work well.  If you are short-waisted, though, choose a style without a waistband.


  1. Wide leg, straight-cut or boot-leg trousers or jeans will show off your hourglass shape to perfection.


  1. Wearing skinny jeans tucked into knee high boots will create balance to your look.


  1. Look for jackets with some waist shaping and avoid straight-cut jackets without any shaping at all.


For women with hourglass figures, it’s all about defining your waist.  Remember that, and you won’t go far wrong!


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