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Welcome To the Absolutely Amazing Autumn Fashion Buffet

When we browse a glossy magazine or fashion pages or look at the fashion collections, what do we not see?

We do not see a single trend coming through strongly, nor even a few trends. Instead we see a smorgasbord of styles and looks. We see a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns, fabrics and silhouettes.

We think that means we now live in a post-trend world.

A post-trend world is a Good Thing, in our view. It has the potential to provide wearable, ageless fashion that gives us, chic women over 50, lots more options.

There were, of course, always some options in fashion. But those were mainly limited to the interpretations of key trends. Right now, fashion is offering us a lavish buffet of wearable and ageless fashion from which we can pick.

For starters, let’s look at colour. Despite some influential magazines declaring that one particular shade is the hot colour, that’s not the reality. The A/W fashion buffet offers us an entire paint-box of colours. There are bold brights, subtle muted tones and soft pastels. There are also several notable neutrals such as navy and brown. Unexpectedly, the neutrals include black. The fashion pack consider black a bit passé but it is a shade many of us still like to wear, especially at party-time, so it is widely available, too.

There is also  an almost infinite choice of silhouettes and cuts on offer, from ‘bodycon’ to ‘boyfriend’ to oversized.

A bit of fashion history…

Then there are all the options in lengths, from knee-length to maxi.  There are also many alternatives in fabrics from sheer chiffon to chunky tweed and sumptuous velvet. You will also see endless options in print and pattern. There are ditsy, delicate florals, digital prints,  bold blooms, business-like checks and a jungle-full of animal markings, notably leopard and zebra.

If you’d like to know why we now live in this wonderful world of wearable, ageless fashion with its infinite number of options, it is because of us. That’s “us” older women, by the way, rather than “us” at SoSensational (though SoSensational may have had a bit of influence).


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The Cinderallas of the fashion…

For 50 years older women were the Cinderellas of a fashion industry which mainly served up a diet of young fashion. Chic older women had to search out ageless fashion. We also had to find a way to wear fashion that was primarily designed for pre-pubescent waifs. At some point, the older woman of past

Ageless fashion M&S Ageless fashion River Island

decades gave up the battle to find actual fashion and fell back on the kind of apparel that a younger generation would deem “frumpy.”

Terrifyingly, that “older woman” is now us. And we do not wish to wear frumpy clothes. We want wearable ageless fashion.

Fortunately, we are important to the fashion industry so the High Street is now beginning to design and make some ageless fashion with us in mind.

Indeed, in the future, the young consumer may have to find a way to look good (and appropriate) in clothes that are not designed or made for her. Welcome to our world!

Not just an age issue…

Age is one factor in the arrival of this new era but it is not the only factor. If it was just about age, that could be easily solved by keeping to a single or dominant trend and having longer hemlines (oh yes, and sleeves on more dresses).

But that’s not what is happening. This era of limitless fashion options is here primarily because the industry cannot dictate to our generation. We have the fashion savvy and the confidence to refuse fashion which doesn’t suit or flatter us.

(The current generation of younger women also deserve some credit for all these options as they also refuse to be herded into a one-trend-fits-all style of dressing.)

Thus, there are styles, silhouettes, cuts and colours to love (and to suit a woman over 50).…Ooh, it makes our head spin to think of all the fabulous ageless fashion. There are maxis and midis, tweed and tartan, velvet and lace, faux-fur and wool, zebra and leopard, layering and volume, wide-leg trousers and skinny jean, feathers and fringing, sequins and embroidery

But (and it is a big but) in order to find all this ageless fashion from all the brands, you would have to search 100s of websites or trawl the High Street. Instead, you could let SoSensational  do the searching (and trawling) for you…

And, naturally, if you are over 50 and Petite or Plus, SoSensational is definitely the best place to come for your A/W fashion buffet….

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Do you think it’s easier to find ageless fashion, when there isn’t a specific trend?



So what do you think?

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