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The Amazing Amanda Wakeley Necklace as Seen on Theresa May

We love a good necklace.

And ‘good necklace’ here doesn’t mean ‘fine’ (as in studded with jewels). It means a necklace that looks good, suits us and perfectly finishes an outfit.

And in the quest for great necklaces that look good, that suit her and that perfectly finish an outfit, take a look at our PM, Theresa May.  She knows that a great necklace draws attention to the face – a great distraction if you want to take attention away from your silhouette!

theresa may necklace 1


Whatever one’s views on her politics, one can’t fault her choices on necklaces. One of her absolute favourites – and, it must be said, one of our absolute faves – is the chunky silver-tone chain necklace by Amanda Wakeley.

theresa may necklace 2


It became so popular after being seen on Mrs May that it sold out. But now it is back in stock.

theresa may necklace silver


It is not cheap, but it teams beautifully with a jacket, a suit, with dresses, knits and with evening wear, so on a cost-per-wear basis, it offers good value.

With her silvery hair, the silver-tone necklace looks superb, but for those of us with warmer colouring (like Jan and Cyndy) this gorgeous necklace is also available in gold-tone.

theresa may necklace rose gold


Hands up who loves this necklace?


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3 thoughts on “The Amazing Amanda Wakeley Necklace as Seen on Theresa May

      • Thank you for your reply, I think 20″ maybe the size. Not having worn anything around my neck because of an op I am becoming used to the idea – not to cover up – more a ‘so what’. I shall have to put this on my ‘wish list’.

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