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Amazing arm-candy, under £150, you and Meghan Markle will love!

Well, woo-hoo, we have been granted ‘permission’ to carry a bag that costs under £500…

Now that Meghan Markle, the First Fiancé, has been snapped carrying a bag that cost “only” £455, we are told we can all relax and feel okay carrying a “cheap” one that cost “only” FOUR-HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE POUNDS…

Well forgive us for shouting. And forgive us if you detect a slight sneer in our tone. But we don’t think £455 is that small a price to pay for a handbag.

We think it’s rather a lot. We agree it’s not a lot compared with a bag from the new Gucci spring collection at £6,500, nor a lot compared with a genuine Birkin at around £15,000, but almost £500 for a piece of arm-candy is not “cheap” and anyone who thinks it is has clearly been reading too many fashion editorials which aim to keep advertisers happy by creating the impression that £2,500 is a “normal” price for a handbag…

In fact, at SoSensational, we have been saying for quite a while that it isn’t necessary to spend a mega-sum on a handbag to complete an outfit. Sure, if you have the disposable income and you feel like spending the GDP of a small nation on a handbag, go ahead; be our guest; enjoy…

But it’s not essential. You don’t need to spend thousands, nor even hundreds to look cool and fashionable. So, basically, we’re agreeing with all those Meghan-watchers who say it’s okay to carry a bag that cost “only”£455. But we’re going further… a lot further and saying you can spend well under £455 and still look sensational.

Here’s how: here is a selection of sensational bags that cost from £45 to £150…

meghan markle bags 1 meghan markle bags 2

meghan markle bags 3 meghan markle bags 4

meghan markle bags 5 meghan markle bags 6

meghan markle bags 7 meghan markle bags 8

meghan markle bags 9 meghan markle bags 10

meghan markle bags 11 meghan markle bags 12

meghan markle bags 13 meghan markle bags 14

meghan markle bags 15 meghan markle bags 16


What do you think is a sensible sum to spend on a handbag?


So what do you think?

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