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Take a look at this Angela Merkel Style Alert

Without straying into the murky and controversial territory of European and Brexit politics, we thought we might issue a Style Alert for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

While we recognise it is a bit sexist to comment on the clothes of female politicians (and we expect to receive comments from supporters of the ‘Everyday Sexism’ Project) we put our hands up to the charge of sexism.

We justify our decision to critique Mrs M’s appearance on the grounds that in doing so, we are helping aspiring politicians everywhere (and all women over 50 in executive roles), to look better. By highlighting Mrs M’s fails we are helping women all across the UK and Europe to dress with authority!

As an aside, we don’t know if anyone is actually paid to advise the German Chancellor on her wardrobe. But if there is someone, (and if their advice is followed), the results mean they should be struck off the German government pay-roll instantly, or should perhaps take an Assertiveness Training course!

Mrs Merkel, at 1.65m (5’ 5”), is bang on average height for Germany. The problem is that those boxy jackets she favours and the pudding-basin hair-cut seem to reduce her height and emphasise a certain ‘squareness’…


angela merkel


She is getting lots right – for example, wearing a single colour from neckline to knee. But it’s not always the right colour. On colour, it is often the depth or the tone which are wrong (though black definitely does nothing for her). Like most of us, she looks good in some shades of some colours but to get her colours right all the time, she would need to get her colours analyzed by a member of the Federation of Image Professionals International, keep a swatch in her bag, and refer to it with the same rigour she applies to the German economy.

She also has a fuller bust (*not envious at all..!*). However, some of the fabric choices (and the collars) on the jackets she wears don’t work for her. Slightly lower necklines, less stiff fabric and softer tailoring would be more flattering.

Other pitfalls for Mrs M. to avoid include breast pockets, strict tailoring and pencil skirts that hit the widest part of her calf. She would also find that shoes with a more almond or slightly pointed toe, or at least not with a very round toe, make her legs look longer.


jacket skirt shoes Image Map


As for that haircut, ironically, it’s not far from being right, but far enough to be ‘wrong.’ The overall shape suits her, the overall length suits her. But it’s too flat and lacking in texture. We suspect she is a practical woman and one not given to extravagance, so she probably gets a good trim every 6 weeks or so and puts up with a too-short fringe for, ooh, five-and-a-half weeks.

Maybe be a little less practical, keep the fringe longer and softer and get a bit of height on the crown and some texture all over Angela…


What do you think of our comments on Mrs Merkel’s style?


So what do you think?

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