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Annabel Croft – here’s how to steal her style

As the annual British tennis-fest that is Wimbledon approaches, we can’t help noticing how the former tennis professional, Annabel Croft, now a broadcaster and presenter, is flying the flag for fabulousness at 50.

The former British No. 1 is currently 50 but will blow out a 51st candle on a birthday cake just next month (July 2017).

We love how Ms Croft (AKA Mrs Coleman – she married Mel Coleman in 1993 and they have 3 children) has crossed the threshold from sportswoman to elegant 50-year-old TV presenter. We think all 50-year-olds feeling a bit ‘down’ about passing this milestone birthday can steal some style ideas from the glamorous mother of three.

Obviously, a life in sport has given her a body many 50-year-olds would envy (indeed, we suspect, has given her a body many 30-year-olds would envy) but even those of us with a body less honed by sports training can steal her style by wearing a dress in a hue and a cut that truly enhances our shape and our colouring.


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With her warm colouring (her hair is mid-brown with chestnut tones) that shade of red really flatters her skin-tone and hair.

The cut of the dress really suits her, too.  She has quite a ‘straight’ shape (a not uncommon build for an athlete) so the draping at her waist and that ‘knot’ create curves… She is tall’ish (1.7m/5’ 7”) but not at all tall for Planet Tennis, so the single colour makes her look taller which we think she welcomes.

Also, she has quite broad shoulders so she really suits a halter neckline. The halter, together with a little draping on the straps enhances her bust, too, all helping to balance her shape perfectly…

She has not cut her hair short as many women do in the belief (in our view, the mistaken belief) that long hair is ‘for the young’. It is a great length, shape and colour for her. Her make-up is ‘natural’ in keeping with her overall look but she is definitely wearing make-up. Not even the most beautiful 50-year-olds can go totally make-up free, so the trick is to choose colours and use techniques that make you appear to be wearing no make-up: simply enhance brows and emphasise eyes using browns and nude tones. Then even out skin tone with a BB cream and add a hint of colour via bronzer and blusher. And, of course, a nude/terra-cotta matte lip with only the merest hint of gloss…


What do you think of Annabel’s style?


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