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Bee Venom in your skincare? You’ll be amazed!

Debbie, a friend of SoSensational, has been trialing the Rodial Bee Venom Eye cream for the last few months…

“Despite its name this ultra-soft, ultra-light eye cream has no sting in its tail. Au contraire, it is a delight to use!

It smoothes on to the delicate under-eye skin beautifully and is absorbed very quickly with no greasy residue. It is wonderfully packaged and the bright yellow jar looks very pretty on my dressing table.”


rodial bee venom


It is described as “an extreme performance” eye cream combining bee venom and stem cell technology to create a cream that helps to smooth out under-eye wrinkles, brighten dark circles and firm the skin.

According to research, bee venom stimulates blood circulation which helps to reduce fine lines. In this eye-cream, the bee venom works with plant stem cells to also help improve skin tone and elasticity. Other benefits include reducing dark circles while Vitamin C promotes a more even skin tone and corrects sun damage.

“I used the eye-cream morning and evening, applying it according to the simple instructions, to gently place a small amount onto the under eye area and to the skin around the brow bone, and pat cream gently in to skin.

After only a few weeks’ use, I was left with a lifted and firmer looking eye area and wrinkles have diminished. I give it 10/10!”

Sounds good to us! Why not try the whole bee venom range?


rodial bee venom range


Have you ever used Rodial? Tell us about it below!


2 thoughts on “Bee Venom in your skincare? You’ll be amazed!

  1. I’m not at all sure that using a cream which contains what is labelled as ‘bee venom’ is ethical. If the susbstance is indeed bee venom, how it is obtained? Unlike wasps, bees die when their venom is used up. I’m sure that many people would like to know more about how this product is produced, and the source of its ingredients. Can anyone give some answers or reassurance on this aspect?

    • Thank you Margaret, You’ve made a very good point. We are assured that modern collector devices and methods for collection of bee venom ensure humane treatment which causes no harm to the bees.
      A collector frame is placed at the entrance of the hive, when bees come in contact with this frame they receive a mild electric shock, they react by stinging and the venom is collected on a glass sheet, dried, then it can be collected. The bees suffer no long-term effects from this. That’s good to know!

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