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How to look & feel fabulous on your short-haul flight

Want to look fabulous when travelling?

Of course you do. It’s the start of your holiday!

The challenge is to look pulled together and stylish, whilst having a certain amount of practicality because, let’s face it, even short-haul travel can be quite tough and lengthy these days as we all have to go through Airport Security. (And yes, we know it’s essential but it can certainly suck the joy out of flying).

Looking chic and on-trend requires putting together a clever outfit that will not be restrictive and will survive being crushed into a fastened seat-belt for a couple of hours. In addition, shoes which look good, but are easy to remove and put back on at Security are also vital.  Anything with zips or metal buckles could get the alarm bells ringing…

Looking good when flying – whether you are heading for a city-break weekend or a fortnight by a beach – is all about strong shapes and great colours. (Oh yes, and outfits that don’t need a lot of accessorising as that involves too much annoying removal and putting back on).

I am a big fan of the maxi dress (a casual one, obvs) as I will happily team a maxi with flat, slip-on shoes. Cyndy prefers jeans and a great top. But we both  think a roomy bag is essential to carry all our travel bits, which will always include a pashmina or large wrap.  You never know whether the cabin temperature will be set to just nice, or absolutely freezing!  And if your flight arrives in the evening, the wrap will come in very handy for onward travel.

So, here are a few suggestions on how to dress your best for a short-haul flight…

Image Map dress cardi scarf shoes bag



Image Map jeans bag shoes bag



Image Map trousers shoes top purse scarf


What do you like to wear when travelling? Do let us know below!


2 thoughts on “How to look & feel fabulous on your short-haul flight

  1. Where are the real women over 50 on this site? Don’t show me models 20 or 30 years younger or celebrities with money and access to the best stylists in the world. This website doesn’t feel as if it’s for me: a 55 year old who loves fashion and wants to be the best version of me not someone hoping to fit into the clothes worn by your 20 something models. Disappointing.

    • Thanks for commenting, Sascha. We currently use images from brands, who photograph their clothes on very young models. BUT, we edit the fashion so that while the dress, or whatever, may have been PHOTOGRAPHED on a 20-year-old (we wish, often they’re only 15!), the dress or whatever is very much appropriate for a 55-year-old… that’s what we do; we edit so that you don’t have to wade through thousands of dresses to find a few that might look good on a 55-year-old. Forget the models; that’s just brands being ‘aspirational’. And if you’re looking for women over 50 looking fabulous, look at all the Style Steals where we tell you HOW AND WHY they look good giving you access to their stylists’ tricks…

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