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Does size matter? Discover the best necklace for your face shape…

We welcome your comments. One recent comment asked what was ‘the best jewellery for a small face and the best jewellery for a fuller face,’ prompted by the idea that our face and neck may become hollow or fuller with age.

Any changes could require a re-think on jewellery, offering the perfect excuse to treat ourselves because as we all know, something pretty (perhaps sparkly) at our throat or ears will make us look and feel better.

So we have been giving serious thought to how to help you choose the right jewellery, if your face is fuller (as in Jan’s case) or if your face has hollowed (as Cyndy), requiring us to focus on necklaces and earrings.

Before we get to styles of jewellery, let us admit that the world is divided into women who like short necklaces and women who like long necklaces. But today, we are focusing on short necklaces because they are more relevant to this question…

Currently, in-store and online you will find Statement Jewellery and Classic Jewellery. ‘Statement’ Jewellery’ as you are aware, is big and oversized. Jan loves Statement Jewellery. Cyndy not so much – usually because it can be too overwhelming for he.

The key thing to know is that there are no rules to say you should or should not wear any style of jewellery because your face is fuller or thinner. Our jewellery choices always depend on what we prefer to wear and on what is on-trend and on what works with a particular outfit. That said, we do concede that…


Shape up!

Even if the size and fit of our jewellery changes, the shapes that are most flattering will probably not! Jewellery which mirrors our face-shape and our features is always the most flattering, so if your features are noticeably angular, jewellery that is angled will be most flattering. If your face is rounded, curvy jewellery will flatter you. If your features are more ‘in the middle’ ignore extreme shapes…

jewellery celeb faces


Size matters

How well jewellery suits us is about wearing the correct size (and scale) for us now and that is dependent on our height and overall build just as much as having a fuller or a more hollow face.

In other words, both a Tall and a Petite, a curvy girl or a Size 6 can wear statement jewellery and classic jewellery, but it must be in the right scale for a tall or a petite person, for a curvy girl or a Size 6. It is about picking a piece that is neither too small for our frame and our face nor too overwhelming for our frame and our face.


Whatever style of jewellery you prefer, try to avoid wearing anything that is too loose or too tight.

If a necklace, bracelet or ring has become too loose or too tight, it’s best left in the drawer – or if it is fashion jewellery, take it to the charity shop. If it is fine jewellery, consider having it resized. Most local jewellers can do this. Search here for members of the National Association of Jewellers.

Or, you could buy a set of clever necklace extenders from M&S.

jewellery extenders


Sit versus Fit

How a necklace sits is as important as how it fits. If your face is fuller or your neck is wider, a necklace that hugs the throat could make the face look fuller. A necklace that sits lower (ideally on the collar-bone) and is not too tight will make the neck appear longer and the face look slimmer. Conversely, a very slim neck and a slim face is enhanced by a pretty choker-style necklace.


Here is the best bit: some gorgeous necklaces that we love and that we hope you will love, too…whatever your face shape…


tjc AW JL JL JL hobbs hobbs hobbs coast coast HoF HoF deb deb Image Map


If you’d like tips on whether to choose jewellery in gold-tone or silver-tone, take a look here.


So what do you think?

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