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2 of our favourite things: Cashmere and Christmas!

damart cashmere fi

Like us, you might have thought Damart was an English brand, because of the very British concept of its original product: a warm layer. But, no, Damart is French (though it has a UK HQ in Yorkshire). And these days Damart is renowned for much more than those clever thermals. Today Damart offers a wide range of fashion collections ...

Cold weather wanted now! We love this collection!

celtic winter fi

We have been viewing the gorgeous outerwear and sheepskin collection from Celtic and suddenly we can’t wait for the cold weather to arrive… In September when the ...

Top artist is #WakeleyWoman for Autumn

amanda wakeley phoebe collings-james FI

“Aspirational, stylish and beautiful.” Those words describe acclaimed artist Phoebe Collings-James who is the #WakeleyWoman for Autumn '17. But, TBH, “aspirational, ...

Are you a member of the Debenhams Beauty Club? It’s exciting!

debenhams beauty fi

We can probably all agree that we love shopping for beauty products and find it deliciously indulgent. But we can probably all agree, too, that it can also be a bit ...

See the Launch of Rev by Rêve En Vert


Regular readers will know all about our love for the sustainable luxury brand Rêve En Vert. We couldn’t contain our excitement when we found out they were launching ...

Ouch! Is it time for a re-think on screening?

mammogram fi

If a mammogram was a ‘manogram’ and if the more tender areas of a man’s anatomy had to be X-rayed by being clamped firmly between two unyielding metal plates, we ...

You asked for help. Here’s Petite Perfection!

petite fi

Petite ladies, we feel your pain. We know that that finding fabulous and well-fitting Petite fashion for chic older women is hard. We know that quite a few petite ...

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