Rêve En Vert

rêve en vert offers sustainable high fashion. Through the rêve en vert ethos, Cora and Natasha ensure that every brand they represent is produced ethically, often with sustainable materials and fair trade practices.

Welcome to Rêve En Vert (REV), a company founded in response to the evolving nature of contemporary style into something a bit too consumptive and trend-based for our taste. It’s our commitment to bettering the world through the medium of fashion and lifestyle. It is a project of passion for the two of us to support designers who are improving the standards of the design industry. In the REV office, they speak about curation, aesthetic and longevity as the traits they want to see in the labels they choose to carry.

REV feel passionately about providing a platform that is a positive alternative to other shopping experiences, where everything you buy has been consciously made and also curated to reflect a specific sense of style. REV showcase and promote independent designers who carefully consider their methods, where they produce their designs and what goes into the products they make.

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