Silk Sarongs

Silk Sarongs specialise in holiday clothing, and are experts in sarongs - for beach to bar or bar to dinner, the beauty of their sarongs is that they will fit any size and are fabulous for any age.

Each sarong is hand printed individually, either in soft beautiful silk or cotton. They can be worn in so many ways, and there are helpful video clips on their website to show you how.

With the restrictions on luggage these days when flying, a sarong is an ideal garment to take with you, and can be worn as a scarf, shawl, dress, skirt or blouse. The cotton ones, can be used on a sun bed (saves taking a beach towel with you) and are just as handy as a table cloth, bed throw, or over the back of a sofa. Each item is provided with a buckle and a 'how to wear' brochure so you can experiment with different styles before you go.

So why not select the one you like, and spoil yourself!!!

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