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Brigitte Macron – here’s how to steal her style

OMG, are we alone in being utterly offended by some of the comment relating to Brigitte Macron?

Are we the only ones not to find it surprising that an eligible Frenchman should find a 64-year-old woman attractive? Although, they were married in 2007, when she was still only 54…

brigitte macronTo view some of the comment, mainly it has to be said in the English-speaking world (i.e. the UK and the US press and Twitter) you would think Le President had married a werewolf rather than a beautiful, elegant and talented woman, who just happens to have celebrated a few more birthdays than, ooh, let me think, a few more birthdays than, say, Melania Trump.

And do those extra birthdays make the new First Lady of France less attractive?

At SoSensational, created to help all women over 50 to stay fabulous, we would answer with a resounding ‘No’ or even ‘Non.’

Quite rightly, the French seem quite nonchalant about it, but the UK and US press seem all a-flutter about the older woman/younger man issue. There appear to be some serious (and very sexist) anomalies in British and US attitudes to mismatches in age: older man-younger woman, tick, approve; older woman-younger man, cross-face, disapprove.

To return to Madame Macron, the new French First Lady, who these days teaches literature at the élite Lycée Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Paris, she clearly has innate style and she knows what works for her. For the Elysee Palace hand-over ceremony, she rocked a chic powder-blue suit with an above-the-knee skirt that revealed enviably good legs.

Midi skirts are having a moment in the UK, but a midi-length pencil skirt with a tailored jacket could easily look a little frumpy, so the short skirt plus tailored jacket suit was perfect, though on anyone with averagely good legs, a skirt just to the knee would look good, too.


Image Map


The shade of periwinkle blue was very flattering – and as Cyndy reminds us all, wearing the right colours next to our face, can make us look younger.

Madame Macron may well realise this. For a formal event, instead of wearing black next to her face she employed the clever trick of draping a pale shawl around her neck.


brigitte macron 1


A pale shawl reflects light instead of absorbing it thus bathing the wearer in luminescence. Sparkly earrings add light, too.

PS We think there’s a resemblance between Madame Macron and the lovely Jane Fonda… What do you think?


brigitte macron jane fonda


2 thoughts on “Brigitte Macron – here’s how to steal her style

  1. I think Jane Fonda is many lightyears more charming than Brigitte Macron, even though older. But she’s an actress, she knows all the tricks for appearing lovely!

    • Thanks for commenting Gina. They may be nothing alike in personality, but there is quite a resemblence in looks!

So what do you think?

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