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Here are Hourglass-queen Carol’s powerful style secrets

Like us, we think many of you will have fond memories of Carol Vorderman from afternoon TV’s Countdown.

She exercised her sharp mind and nimble mathematical skills from 1982 to 2008(that’s 26 years) as the resident arithmetical wizard and co-host of this hugely popular show.

Countdown made her a celebrity, and these days Vorderman, 56, is a trail-blazer for glamorous 50-somethings.


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Celebrity stylist Phill Tarling has been styling celebrities – men as well as women – for two decades. He began working with Carol Vorderman more than five years ago.

We talked to him to discover some of Carol’s style secrets. “Carol has a shapely, hour glass figure. I like to showcase her assets with body-con dresses that enhance her self confidence.”

He also told us: “What I love about Carol, is that she understands her body shape and she knows what suits her. She has a sense of style that’s not reliant on fashion, but draws on her understanding of what flatters her curves.”

Phill has some advice for those of us who are not celebrities: “When you’re a lady of a certain age, the key to successful dressing is knowing yourself, accepting yourself and dressing to please yourself.

“Carol isn’t a follower of fashion, but she is definitely a leader in style that many women of her age would do well to take inspiration from.”


Steal her Style:

By following Phill’s advice: “Know yourself, accept yourself and dress to please yourself. “

Wear a big smile wherever possible. Smiling not only looks attractive, but smiling releases endorphins, tricking your brain into believing you are happy, and actually making you happier…

Wear your hair how you want and how it suits you. You don’t have to have short hair after age 50, unless short hair suits you better than long hair. What we are saying here is that there are no rules: if long hair suits you, keep long hair; if short hair suits you, have short hair.


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(Just, if you have long hair, don’t go all Prof Mary Beard! Like Ms Vorderman, here, have a great haircut, keep hair in good condition by using the right products and get a regular blow-dry or learn how to blow-dry.


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Like Vorderman , wear colour that ‘lifts’ your skin-tone. And if, like her, you have an hourglass figure choose dresses which showcase your assets. And do keep in mind that if you need a little help with your curves, there is brilliant shapewear out there to help ensure everything goes in and out where it should. Cleverly, those very shapely frocks are midi length – the extra length of the skirt balances the “phwoar” factor of the tight-fitting bodice and makes them look grown-up..


Are you inspired by this supremely glamorous 56-year-old? Do tell us your thoughts…


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