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Cindy Crawford – here’s how to steal her style

Can you believe, ladies, that Cindy Crawford, one of the original Supermodels or ‘Supes,’ is 51. Her 51st birthday was in February 2017.

She was one of that group of Supermodels who made the rest of us feel inferior in the 1980s so now let’s steal some style from her. At 5’9” (175cm) Crawford is tall as well as beautiful, and she has that rangy build that no amount of Pilates or gym work-outs can provide. But we can learn from her style.

That blue silky top is a great shape and a great shade of blue for her, and perfect with jeans, though we doubt you’d ever see it on a fashion page… Note how the soft V-neckline reflects her face-shape – another piece of trickery we can all employ!


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We’re guessing her arms are still firm but for all of us whose arms are not so firm, a blouse with sleeves would cover them. As a more adventurous option, an oversized shawl thrown round the shoulders has a very on-trend Boho vibe which we love.

Then there’s Cindy Crawford’s hair. As we said only recently, while talking about Annabel Croft, Crawford has not cut her hair as many women do in the mistaken belief (well, we think it’s a mistaken belief) that long hair is ‘wrong’ after a certain age. We think that after a certain age it’s about not wearing hair too long (maybe not below shoulder-ish length) and ensuring it is regularly trimmed, shaped and tamed…

La Crawford’s hair is a great length, shape and colour for her. Her make-up is quite low-key but she is definitely wearing make-up. Looking great in make-up is, as we know you know, about choosing the right colours and honing your application skills to allow you to emphasise your best feature and conceal (or at least de-emphasise) what we don’t like.


cindy crawford bottom


Cindy seems to look amazing in everything she wears! Do you agree?


So what do you think?

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