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5 Proven Collagen Benefits For Health And Skin

Collagen is the buzzword on everyone’s lips, but what exactly is it?

We’ve seen beauty gurus, health experts and even our friends mention collagen, and we’ve heard it’s great for older people, but should we really jump on board with this trend?

In short, yes! It protects organs, strengthens bones and muscles, provides structure to joints and tendons and even promotes skin elasticity. Since starting our research, we’ve found some wonder products that we’d love to share with you, but first we think you’ll want to know what’s so special about it.

Helps build muscle and burn fat

As we age, muscles can become weaker, and we don’t need to tell tell you about a few extra pounds you add as you age! Collagen contains a concentrated amount of glycine which is involved in the synthesis of creatine. In simple terms, if you’re working out, it can give your muscles a real boost.

May reduce cellulite

Collagen can improve the appearance of stubborn cellulite. If you are looking to smooth the layer of fat out, cellulite tests demonstrate a clear improvement in skin texture and waviness. However, this helps over a number of months and isn’t deemed as a quick fix, so why not stock up on Proto-Col’s super-sized pack of collagen capsules?

May improve digestive health

By increasing your intake of collagen, the tissues that line your gastrointestinal tract could increase and promote better gut health! As we get older, we can get leaky gut that causes waste to leak into your system which may be the cause if you have issues like bloating, gas, headaches, fatigue and even joint pain. Increasing cell growth helps repair the cell wall, et voila!

May reverse skin aging

The loss of collagen protein is directly linked with signs of ageing and skin elasticity. Collagen provides skin elasticity, which helps it appear more healthy and youthful. A lack of collagen can also contribute to dry skin, so it will also help freshen up dry winter skin! We love the collagen technology duo pack to both enhance the eye area and hydrate the skin, perfect if you’re worried about crows feet or smile lines!

May ease joint pain

Stiffy, achy joints come hand in hand with weakened and deteriorated cartilage; and collagen Is the glue that hold joints, bones and muscles together! When you don’t have enough collagen, your bones lose density and causes them to become more brittle increasing fracture risk. If you want to boost collagen in your joints, the Collagen Body & Join Formulation capsules are specifically formulated to do just the trick in helping.

Have you ever tried collagen supplements? We’d be interested to see how you got on with them!

So what do you think?

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