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Which Delicious Denim Style do you love the most?

What would we do without denim? Don’t answer that; it’s too traumatic to consider life without it…

We’re not going to give you a history lesson about denim, but we will just mention that it was our generation which first appropriated it from the cowboys, transforming it into the 20th century’s most iconic fabric.

Since we all began to wear denim we’ve known it was a hard worker in our wardrobe. We know we can style it casually to run to the shops or for coffee with friends; that we can pair with a blouse and a blazer for a sophisticated workwear look and we know that teamed with the right top and accessories, denim can be glammed up for a night out.

But because it’s so versatile and such a basic building block in our wardrobe, we sometimes take it for granted.

To remind ourselves – and to remind you – how much our fave fabric brings to our wardrobe, we are joining the Debenhams ‘Dial up your denim’ campaign to discover the coolest new denim and how to wear it this season for work, weekends and everything else.

Bootcut is not just one of the coolest shapes in jeans, but is super flattering with that little flare. Bootcut jeans work especially well with a blouse softly tucked into the waistband. Even better, bootcut jeans can be styled with lots of footwear, including trainers, ankle boots and flat pumps, while a heeled sandal or high heel court transforms your jeans into a party-ready look.


Straight jeans are super flattering, magically lengthening our legs. Straight jeans work especially well for ladies with a semi-straight silhouette. Style them with uncluttered ankle boots or plain pumps for optimum flattery and maximum versatility.


The thing to remember with ‘Skinny’ is that ‘skinny’ refers to the cut, not the wearer. Skinny jeans can be the most flattering even when the adjective decidedly doesn’t apply to the wearer. Jan, a classic ‘pear’  loves them for layering and worn with a long shirt or a long tee. Best of all, you can style skinny jeans with almost any footwear, as long as you have bare ankles…


If you haven’t discovered Jeggings, you are soooo missing out. Teens may mock us gently for wearing jeans that are comfortable to wear and are NOT hard to squeeze into, but for those of us who want to wear ‘jeans’ but don’t want the faff, this jeans-leggings hybrid are a blessing. You’ll find Jeggings in all shapes and all washes… Just pick yours and give thanks for their invention.


And for every woman who loves denim, but wants to wear a skirt occasionally, there is The Denim Skirt. To hit all your marks with SS18 trends, style with a tee, a blouse or a jumper. And just add ankle boots.


What is your favourite style of jeans to wear?


So what do you think?

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