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Elaine Paige fan? Here’s how to steal her style…

If you regularly tune in to her show on BBC Radio 2 on a Sunday, you will be aware that the actress and singer Elaine Paige has recently celebrated her 70th birthday.

Hmm, if you are anything like Jan and Cyndy, you’ll be in shock.

Musical Stage Icon

You’ll be asking yourself how is it that Elaine Paige, the icon of the West End musical stage has reached the Big Seven-O? Surely it was only a few years ago that she was playing the lead in Cats and Evita, and achieving chart topping hits with Don’t Cry for Me Argentina and Memories.

Well, it seems it was rather longer than “a few years.”

It appears that just like the rest of us Baby Boomers, Paige has accumulated a few birthdays since starring in all those smash hit West End and Broadway musicals (more than anyone else of her generation) including Jesus Christ Superstar, Sunset Boulevard, The King & I, Sweeney Todd, Follies and lots more.

Elaine Paige and Seabourn

In addition to an impressive and glittering roster of awards and accolades, that includes an OBE and the unofficial title “First Lady of British Musical Theatre,” Elaine has just acquired a new title, Godmother to Seabourn Ovation, Seabourn’s elegant new all-suite ship due to begin its cruising career in May.

Elaine will perform Ovation’s formal naming taking place in a spectacular ceremony in Malta. We’re not quite sure what such a ceremony involves these days and whether they still chuck a bottle of Champagne at the hull. But whatever it involves, we know Elaine will look gorgeous.  She is another woman over 50 who always looks fabulous, which is why we are stealing some of her style.


How to Steal her Style:

At 1.51m (just over 5’ 1) Elaine Paige is, like Lulu and Salma Hayek, a Petite  And like them she knows how to dress for her shape and the clothes that work for her. Her style is to wear shapely pieces that don’t drown her curves. She often wears a single colour from neck to hemline which helps to create the illusion of greater height.

Her frequently chosen colour, particularly for After-Six, is black. And with that blonde bob, black looks very good on her. But to make sure it looks good, Elaine uses a clever trick that we can all copy.  She is careful to avoid wearing black right at her face. She achieves this by avoiding very high necklines so that she show some flesh. And she often adds pretty jewellery at the neckline, too.

This is a trick that can be employed when wearing any dark neutral – even shades that are kinder to older faces than black, such as navy.

The other ‘trick’ is to wear a scarf in your best, most flattering colour. Or a statement necklace!

Elaine perfectly demonstrates the value of a statement necklace.  By adding a statement necklace to that striped shirt (above left), she has elevated her look.  Elaine has transformed a simple daytime outfit into something perfect for lunch or brunch out or a casual supper.

What do you think of Elaine’s style? Tell us below!


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