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The Over 50s create a Red Carpet Sensation

Did you spot which stars looked the most sensationally glamorous on the red carpet at last Sunday’s Emmys, the prestigious TV awards ceremony, held annually in Los Angeles?

In case you didn’t, The Times very helpfully ran a report headlined “The Night the Over-50s Nailed It”.

In their view, the actresses who were “the most memorable” and “sensational” on the red carpet were all 50-plus. They mentioned Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jessica Lange. And we couldn’t agree more. We definitely thought those actresses stole the show, proving yet again that you can be well over 21 and still sensational.

We would add a few others including Viola Davis and Felicity Huffman, as well as some who have just hit 50, such as Leslie Jones, Robin Wright and Laura Dern (and some who are almost there, such as Gillian Anderson, 49).

emmys 2017 over 50

There were some over-70s, flying the flag for fabulous, too, in the shape of Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon – but who’s counting!

emmys 2017 over 70


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