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Thinning Eyebrows? Here’s how to fill them in…

Here’s the problem: you spent half a lifetime plucking those pesky caterpillar eyebrows but, over time, not all the hairs grew back and they’ve now thinned out permanently.

You may even have bald spots, or virtually no brows at all.

Thankfully, nifty make-up can help fill your eyebrows in and create every effect from a Cruella de Vil arch to a Brook Shields bush, with the bonus of being able to wash it off afterwards.


thinning brows


  1. Start by establishing precisely where your brow should begin. Grab an eye pencil or brush and hold it vertically by the side of your nose. Where it meets your brow is your starting point (1). Any hairs on the wrong side of the brush/pencil, can be tweezed. Or to create new brows, a dot marks the spot.


  1. Pinpoint the far end by angling the pencil diagonally from the same point by your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Where it crosses your brow line, that’s where the tail of your eyebrow should finish. Again, mark the spot (3).


  1. Find where the high point of your arch should be by changing the angle of the pencil from the outside corner of your nostril to extend past the outside of your iris. The high point where the line reaches the top of your brow is where the top of your arch should be (2). Don’t be tempted to make it higher or you may end up looking surprised or angry.


thinning brows guide


  1. Brush your brow hairs upwards using a brow or ‘spoolie’ brush, or even an old (clean) mascara brush. This will help you see where growth is patchy or uneven. If any hairs are too long, don’t pluck them. Instead, trim off the excess with nail scissors, which keeps them neat without thinning.


  1. Fill in any bald gaps or thinned areas with a freshly sharpened eyebrow pencil. Use a shade darker than your hair color if you have light-coloured hair, or a shade lighter if you have dark hair. Top MUA Louise Constad recommends Suqqu Liquid Eyebrow Pen, £20. ‘’It’s like a super-thin felt tip pen that makes tiny strokes that look like individual hairs,’ she says. ‘Everyone I’ve introduced to it absolutely loves it and the Moss Green shade is particularly perfect for blondes. If you’re really browless, start at the inner corner and make a series of dots towards the arch, then angle them downwards and outwards to the outer ends. This works as a guide so you can start drawing in the hairs. For the most natural, realistic effect, use short, upward, diagonal, hair-like strokes, never a solid line.’

thinning brows pen


  1. Add emphasis to your brows with an eyebrow powder. This helps add definition and volume, but make sure you don’t overemphasise the start and end points. Squaring the front simply looks too artificial, while extending the tail too far downwards can add the droop factor. To soften areas of excess or harshness, brush through your eyebrows afterwards with a clean brush to help disperse the colour. Try Benefit Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit, £27, which comes in six shades.

thinning brows 2


  1. Try Wunderbrow 1-Step Brow Gel, £19.95 for seriously sparse brows. It contains hair-like fibres that attach to both the skin and brow hair with a special flexible gel. Available in five shades, you simply brush it on using short, feathery strokes.  Then brush upwards and outwards to distribute the effect, which then lasts for up to three days.

thinning eyebrows 3


  1. Use a colourless eyebrow gel to add hold to longer or straggly hairs. Louise recommends Pixi Brow Tamer, £12, a long wearing translucent gel that makes even bushy, unruly brows behave. Starting in the middle of the eyebrow, brush all the hairs straight upwards, then brush outwards.

thinning eyebrows 4


  1. Add extra sharpness and crispness to the finished look by blending a highlighter or light-diffusing concealer under the entire length of the brow.


  1. In a hurry? Louise says, ‘A light touch of mascara will swiftly thicken, darken and emphasise thinning eyebrows, and you can swiftly declump and smooth the finish by using a dry brow brush afterwards.’ Alternatively, Benefit Gimme Brow, £20.50, is an all-in-one fibre-containing mascara-style gel that comes in three shades.

thinning eyebrows 5


Do you have thinning brows? How do you fill yours in?


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