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Have you heard of the Messiah Jacket? We think you’ll love it!

Meet the messiah jacket, the after-dark jacket that is far more than simply a party cover up.

The messiah jacket is the jacket that saves all those party and after-dark clothes in your wardrobe that you thought you might never be able to wear again.

It rescues pieces like the silk camisole which you absolutely love but which reveals far too much shoulder, or that stunning jumpsuit, which is soooo flattering but, aaargh, sleeveless!

When considering a messiah jacket, it is worth keeping in mind that versatility is useful so that it is works with lots of different things. Also, it should be lightweight, so you can keep it on all evening without sweltering!

For two excellent reasons, your messiah jacket might be in black, dark navy or chocolate-brown: reason 1 is, admit it, as a woman over 50, your wardrobe is probably stuffed with dresses and separates for party-wear in black, dark navy or chocolate-brown.  And reason 2? Because black, dark navy and chocolate-brown are sophisticated, evening-appropriate colours and, a jacket in one of those shades could therefore, work perfectly over any party outfit.  So a tailored blazer or perhaps a tuxedo, which is a bit of a classic but goes with a great deal more than tuxedo trousers, in your best neutral is the perfect after-dark jacket to rescue a lot, a lot of pieces in your wardrobe now and for a long time ahead.


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Another key to the perennial usefulness of a messiah jacket is the correct fabric. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t want anything too warm indoors, obvs, so avoid thick fabric, cashmere or tweed.  Opt for lightweight wool or polyester instead. A fabric with a bit of a sheen looks good for after-six, but a matte fabric can easily look glamorous worn with “evening” fabric such as silk, chiffon, lace or devoré.

We think a jacket in buttery soft leather could also become a messiah jacket. In order to fulfil the role of messiah jacket, a leather jacket should be in black or dark navy, chocolate brown or perhaps, even in a metallic as long as it is quite muted. Texture is very on-trend right now, so velvet is a superb choice.

Embellishment is still a key trend, too, so look for anything with a bit of embroidery, braid or similar.  But ideally nothing too blingy as this jacket should be timeless in order to save lots of outfits!

Of course, your messiah jacket must be in the right cut, shape and length for you. If you are full-busted, you can find tips here, and if you are a pear find tips here.

The sales are a good time to invest in a messiah jacket, so why not take a look now.


Jan and Cyndy both have ‘messiah’ jackets which they have owned for years and years. Do you have one? Do tell us about it.


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