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For Happy feet mix Comfort with style

geox spring fi

Aren’t we lucky that comfort is currently the default setting for footwear.

Well, not only comfort, obvs (we are, after all, fashionable mature women), but comfort combined with style, which is why we love the New Spring Collection from GEOX.

And GEOX footwear doesn’t just happen to be comfortable. Oh no, GEOX shoes, boots and trainers are comfortable because this Italian brand has comfort built in; built in through the materials used for the footwear and in the construction which uses a range of technologies developed to keep our feet happy.

So now we know we can expect comfort from GEOX, let’s look at the gorgeous styles and sizzling colours in the new 2017 Spring Collection.

Who said Boots are only for winter? Well, whoever did say that hasn’t paid attention to the catwalks. Boots are not only for winter, of course. A pair of ankle boots, especially a pair in off-white or tan is the perfect way to accessorise our spring midis and maxis as well as our jeans and trouser suits.

geox spring 1 geox spring 2 geox spring 3


Luxe trainers remain a key piece for every S/S17 wardrobe, and the luxe trainers from the new GEOX collection are both fashion-forward and well-made, including being breathable thanks to the GEOX Net Breathing System and other technology developed by the brand.

geox spring 4 geox spring 5 geox spring 56


And because GEOX has its origins in Italy where style and design is part of the national DNA, their collection features all the loafers, brogues and ballerinas we need to perfectly finish off our spring outfits for every occasion.

geox spring 7 geox spring 8 geox spring 9


So, are you a woman who values comfort in her footwear?


So what do you think?

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