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How to look impossibly gorgeous at the beach

What is it about swimwear that bothers us women over 50?

Well, apart from the fact that we probably hate our thighs. (Obviously, we hate our thighs because if we grew up in the 1950s or 60s, any thighs that weren’t thin and smooth, would be hated, and now we possibly have cellulite or a few excess pounds to make us hate them more!)

Why are we bringing this up now? Because some of us may be heading to sunnier and warmer parts of the world in the next few weeks or months, so beachwear and swimwear are on our mind…

But forget thighs. They  are easy to cover up around the pool or at the beach with gorgeous sarongs or kaftans.

No, we’re talking cleavage which may these days be a little less smooth than we’d like after all the years we spent tanning before SPFs, when we laid out in the sun smeared only in coconut oil or baby-oil. And a not-so-smooth upper chest is much harder to cover up at the pool or beach when low necklines are pretty much the thing.

So, short of popping on a polo-neck jumper, what can we do?

We’ve been on a mission to find fabulous tops and dresses that have a higher neckline (some also have sleeves) yet are still perfectly beach appropriate AND are available now, when we may be heading off for some winter sun.

Here is our pick of beach-appropriate tops and dresses:

beach tips 1 beach tips 2

beach tips 3 beach tips 4

beach tips 5 beach tips 6

beach tips 7 beach tips 8

beach tips 9 beach tips 10


We think jewellery can also help! Obvs, the beach-appropriate kind rather than, say, a diamond choker! But, hey, anything pretty (perhaps even sparkly) that conceals a slightly ‘creased’ cleavage is a clever way to cover up, while drop earrings that draw the eye away from our chest,  is a clever way to distract attention upwards!

Here are our fave pieces of jewellery appropriate for the beach or poolside:

beach tips 11 beach tips 12

beach tips 13 beach tips 14

beach tips 15 beach tips 16


Are you jetting off on holiday soon?


So what do you think?

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