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Hair, Make Up & Style for Older Women – How to dress – apple shaped

Meet Sue, our lovely model, who wanted to know how to best disguise her apple shaped silhouette.  View the video for some great hints and tips.


Sue – Hello, I’m Sue. I live in near [00:00:06 inaudible]. I’ve been retired about three and a half years, and in that time we’ve traveled around a lot in our motor home. So my clothing needs of change but I still find it really difficult to find things that of the right colors for me and my hair. But for my coat with my broad shoulders, my rather too big waist. And I’m also looking forward today to this makeover because my skin has changed over the last few years. I’ve got lots of skin, sunspots, and blotches. And I’m really looking forward to finding some makeup hopefully that will help cover that.

Cyndy – Would you like to see what a really great makeover can achieve? I’m Cyndy and my business partner, Jan, and I help grown up women find wonderful, appropriate clothes at

Trisha – And I’m Trisha. I’m founder of Look Fabulous Forever. We have a range of makeups specifically formulated for older women. Keep watching this video and you’ll see how the right clothes, hair, and makeup can completely transform your appearance. I think Sue is a wonderful illustration that if you’re cool toned and you’ve got really gorgeous white hair like she has that you suit colors like fuchsia which we put on her lips and her eye treatment which is aubergine eye shade and this lovely glow blush. These three colors are working together brilliantly with this shirt to bring Sue’s whole appearance absolutely to life.

We’ve chosen this blue shirt and scarf for Sue as the longer length is slimming rather than widening whereas the print trousers bring attention to her great legs. This cerise-colored shirt really enhances your coloring, is great for an apple silhouette because it disguises and slims down. Together with the jeans it makes a great outfit for you, and now we’re going to dress it up. Sue needs to look for bright, silver jewelry which will enhance the look in her sparkling eyes. We finish Sue’s look here today with this gorgeous blanket coat which works so well for Sue’s apple shape together with the complementing scarf and a hand bag in the right size for Sue. Sue, you look wonderful.

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