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Holly Hunter – here’s how to steal her style

We do keep saying how much we like this actress or that actress.

We suspect it is because all our favourite actresses are hitting their 50s and 60s and still looking fabulous, which reaffirms our ethos at SoSensational that “Style doesn’t stop over 50” nor over 60, nor for that matter, over 70.

Another actress proving the point is Holly Hunter, 59. Hunter plays a key role in a film just released in the UK, The Big Sick.

It’s a delightful film despite its infelicitous title (well, infelicitous in the UK where “sick” means regurgitation, whereas in the US “sick” means “ill,” of course. A much better British title would be – spoiler alert – “The Big Illness”).

Hunter plays Beth, mother of the romantic lead, Emily (Zoe Kazan) in this wry. witty and charming comedy about a Muslim American who falls for the non-Muslim Emily, to the consternation of his family (and hers).


holly hunter big sick1


We also liked Hunter in her early role in The Burning, in her BAFTA-winning performance in The Piano, in her Oscar nominated performance in Broadcast News and for her voice in The Incredibles, as well as in numerous other film and TV roles.

Interviewed in the Sunday Times ‘Style’ magazine Hunter said her “main goal” for her 60s was “not dying,” adding: “My life has been a great dress rehearsal for getting older.” That’s a philosophy we can definitely get on board with!

At 1.57m (just over 5ft 1ins), Hunter is petite. She may not have read our Petite style tips but she certainly dresses well for a petite and for a 50-something, so we think it is well worth stealing some of her style.

We especially think there is hair Style to steal; that shoulder-length cut suits her, as it is “long” without being overwhelming for a small frame. We also think the curly-scrunched look is on-trend, but is, again, not too “big” for her petite frame. No-one wants to look like a lollipop!


holly hunter


The up do (the one, above, of her in the red dress) is elegant but elegance isn’t everything! We think the ‘softer’ looks work better and are more flattering in the way they frame her face – providing us all with some food for thought (and ideas to steal).

She has slender, firm arms and with her slim frame, she really rocks in sleeveless dresses. If you do, too, then go for it – there’ll be enough years when you may not wish to bare arms. But even for those of us less confident about showing our arms, there are style tips to be stolen in wearing head-to-toe colour (the right colour, obviously). Also, the right cut and shape, such as the asymmetric and square necklines, which really suit Holly Hunter’s angular features. Though with her slender frame and heart-shaped face, most cuts and shapes look good on her! It is the rest of us with our particular body issues, such as a Fuller Bust, or wide hips who need extra help.


Wallis John Lewis Gina Bacconi debenhams Image Map


Her make-up is immaculate but subtle. Her eyes are cleverly emphasised using muted tones but there are no hard colours or shine/glitter (apart, obvs from the slightly glossy non-colour lippy).


What do you think of Holly’s style?


So what do you think?

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