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We show you how to dress when you are Petite


Dressing for your size, shape and body type is always important, but it is crucially important when you fall into the petite category so we thought we would offer you some great tips to help you make the most of what’s on offer in Petite clothing and ensure you always look super chic.

Colour is king

Dressing top-to-toe in a single colour is flattering to many body types, but for the petite frame it is an easy way to ensure you look super chic (and possibly taller if that’s what you want) as it’s all about illusion! As a Petite, it’s not about what colour you wear(obviously it is, because all of us should wear colours that flatter our skin-tone, eye-colour and hair-colour), but for Petites it is additionally about wearing colour in a clever way to create the illusion of height.  If you like to wear more than one colour, you can use accent colours to add extra colour, but try to keep to a maximum of two accent shades against a single-colour backdrop to avoid looking ‘messy’.

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Proportion, proportion, proportion

Proportions are something every petite girl needs to get right. Keep print patterns and accessories in proportion with your silhouette.  Smaller frame?  Keep print patterns and accessories small and neat.  Larger frame?  Go for medium size accessories and a larger print but the print should never be so large that it overwhelms you!

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Petite rules to follow or flout!

A few rules to keep in mind:

  • When wearing cropped trousers or midi skirts, try to avoid strappy shoes as they foreshorten your legs
  • When choosing shoes, nude court shoes (especially nude courts with heels), create the illusion of longer legs
  • Don’t shy away from wide-leg trousers but ensure that they are well tailored and not too wide for your frame and try to team them with a fitted top so you don’t drown in fabric…
  • Do wear tailored jackets that are at least long enough to hit the waistline of your trousers or jeans. A cropped jacket may be more flattering to a petite frame, but a longer jacket, providing it’s not over-long for your proportions, may suit your shape better, because…
  • …everyone’s body shape is different, so don’t follow every rule, just keep them in mind when pulling together an outfit. If you are Petite and an hourglass shape, do check out these tips. And if you are Petite and a bit of a pear, do check out these tips.

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Necklines matter

Necklines matter regardless of your height, but V-necks and scoop necks are super flattering to the petite frame, and can also help elongate your frame if that is what you are aiming for.

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Flatter what matters

As with any styling tips you have to showcase your best bits. That can be a t-shirt tucked into trousers to highlight your waist; an on-the-knee skirt with heels to showcase your legs or bracelet-length sleeves to show off your arms and wrists. Whatever it is, focus on what you love and forget about those bits you aren’t so happy with

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Keep your shape

Whilst layering and floaty materials are possible when you are petite, you must ensure you keep your silhouette beneath or you run the risk of losing your shape. Play around with necklines, belts and high-waisted trousers to create a layered look that works for your frame.


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If you are petite, do let us know if you feel the fashion industry does or does not cater adequately for your fashion needs?  Just comment below…

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