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How to work a maxi for the new season

We are not letting go of the maxi dress this season. Nor any time soon without a fight.

Just to be clear, we are talking maximum-impact, long day-dresses here, not evening dresses; long day-dresses like the one worn by The Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Princess Kate) to meet the Obamas during their London visit earlier this week.

SoSensational has been fighting a rearguard action to distinguish between maxis and evening dresses but the battle is lost: a maxi now refers to all long dresses – whether intended for work or weddings, including on SoSensational where you can find maxis for dressed up and dressed down occasions. But right now, on this blog, we are not talking evening dresses but daytime maxis for maximum impact


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Here’s the thing: there are just so many reasons to love a maxi if you are an older woman (or as the Duchess of Cambridge demonstrates, if you are a younger one):

First, wearing a dress that is ankle-length makes a whole host of trends do-able for the 50-plus woman. For instance, hippy-chick frills, the cold shoulder and the Bardot neckline could all be off limits as knee-length or above-the-knee dresses – a bit too girly. However, as maxi dresses (or, of course as tops), all three key trends are brilliant and truly workable for the 50-plus woman.

Second, a maxi is instantly slimming. Put on a well-cut maxi that is one colour or one print from neckline to hemline and you will instantly appear taller and thinner.


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And then there’s the legs benefit. If your legs are not your best feature (this is where Jan puts up her hand), a maxi can cover a multitude while also making us appear taller and thinner (see above). While still on legs, there’s also the fuzz issue. If the weather gets suddenly warm and you don’t want to wear tights but you also haven’t yet got around to a leg-wax, a maxi is your saviour and best friend!

All of summer’s major trends, notably floral prints, stripes, gingham, pleats and the trio mentioned above (frills, cold shoulder and Bardot  neckline) are all around as maxi dresses.

And do keep in mind that a maxi dress is truly versatile. Worn alone it is perfect for warm weather wear, but also looks totally terrific under a jacket – either a funky biker jacket or a sleek blazer.


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Its versatility also covers a variety of occasions: wear one with trainers or ankle boots (yup, ankle boots for summer) and a blazer or biker, plus oversized tote, and your maxi is perfect for work or weekend casual dates. Alternatively, add ballerinas or strappy sandals and a clutch and bold jewellery and your maxi is perfect for more dressed-up events. And we don’t need to remind you that the maxi is also perfect for holidays, both for daytime wear (for hotel breakfasting or sightseeing) and glammed up for evenings…


Are you maxi-ready for the summer?


So what do you think?

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