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Celebrate International Women’s Day – improve your confidence!

It was International Women’s Day on Thursday 8th March.

Established almost a century ago and marked globally, IWD celebrates the achievements of women everywhere.

SoSensational joined with Debenhams to celebrate the Day by helping all the women in our community to feel more confident.

Confidence mainly comes from inside, but it’s a bit chicken-and-egg.  If you know you look good, you feel confident and if you feel confident you look even better, so you feel more confident…

The way in which Debenhams can help here is with all the outside confidence-boosters, such as assisting us all to find perfect-fitting underwear and discovering gorgeous beauty products.

Wearing the correct size and correctly fitting lingerie can definitely boost our confidence. Demonstrating this (and, in fact, absolutely oozing confidence) is Debenhams new lingerie ambassador, the gorgeous plus-size model Joanne Van Den Herik.

When it comes to discovering your best and, ahem, most ‘uplifting’ and ‘supportive’ (we’re talking confidence here) lingerie, this blog and video about discovering how to get the correct bra fit will give you all the information you need.

And here are some of our favourite (and most supportive) bras:



If we want to be at our most confident past our 50th birthday, the face we show to the world may sometimes need a bit of help, too.

Whether you just need to top up on all your trusted favourites in skincare and cosmetics, or you feel like trying out some new serums, lotions and make-up, Debenhams can deliver. (That is, they can ‘deliver’ in both senses, as they can ‘deliver’ everything you need because they stock all the leading beauty brands and can ‘deliver’ to your home if you buy online…)

Debenhams is the top store for beauty favourites, carrying all of the leading beauty brands such as Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Clinique, Guerlain, Lancome, MAC and many more. Whether it’s a flawless foundation or the perfect blusher to achieve that signature glow, you will find exactly what you need.

We all love trialling and testing new products, so Debenhams have put together a selection of small-sized beauty products to help us discover some new products that may be destined to become our new favourites. These MAC miniatures (or Little MACs) are also the perfect size for travel or carrying around in our handbag…


Only you know what makes you feel confident on the inside, but for the outside Debenhams has you covered with gorgeous fitting underwear, and gorgeous beauty products to make us feel fabulous and uber-confident.


Do you find you feel more confident when you know you are looking good?


So what do you think?

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