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Love an LBD? The Top 20 Little Black Dress edit is here!

We realise that sometimes we come across as the arch-enemy of the LBD.

But we’re not. We love a Little Black Dress (especially Jan, though hers are not such little Little dresses these days!).

But we’re fickle, so we also occasionally like a splash of colour and we occasionally like a bit of shimmer. But we know that a Little Black Dress is the quickest route to looking endlessly glamorous this party season.

And the really excellent news is that this year’s crop of Little Black Dresses includes classic LBDs, sparkly ones and velvet ones. And, naturally we have hunted down the black dresses with sleeves because we know that, like us, you like a sleeve…

Here are all the head-turning black dresses to ensure you look effortlessly glamorous this party season:



When buying party-wear, do you prefer an LBD to something in a print or a colour? Do tell us, please, in the comment box, below.


2 thoughts on “Love an LBD? The Top 20 Little Black Dress edit is here!

  1. I think you should show the dresses on women over 50!! With the exception of one, they’re all photos of 20 something women with perfect figures…

    • Hi Ginny, Your comment is one we receive from time to time. The trouble is that most brands do not photograph their clothes on older models, even where the clothes are mostly bought by older women! Importantly, we edit the fashion so that while the dress may have been photographed on a 20-year-old (if the model is 30ish, it’s a result!), the dress or whatever is very much appropriate for a 50-year-old or older woman. That’s what we do; we edit so that you don’t have to wade through thousands of dresses to find a few that might look good on a 50-year-old. Forget the models; that’s just brands being ‘aspirational’. And if you’re looking for women over 50 looking fabulous, look at all the Style Steals where we tell you how and why they look good giving you access to their stylists’ tricks. All the very best.

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