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Lulu – Here’s how to steal her style…


Despite the assertion by F Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby that “there are no second acts,” former British singer Lulu is living proof that there are, indeed, second acts!

After releasing a new album in 2016, Lulu is now, after a break of more than 30 years, to return to the West End Stage in the hit Broadway musical, 42nd Street.

Now 69, Lulu is the petite power-house who had her first hit-single in 1965 and is to take over the key role of Dorothy Brock from Sheena Easton, for a 16-week run in the newest London production of the iconic  musical which has been running at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, since April 2017.


As well as her successful singing career and a marriage to top London hair-stylist John Freida, Lulu also had a career fronting her own skincare brand Time Bomb Beauty. And with her sensational haircuts, ultra-youthful look and vibrant personality, she was also the go-to “older woman” throughout the noughties.

The Hair and Glasses

Steal her style by regularly changing your haircut while sticking to an overall shape that suits you and works for who you are now.   In Lulu’s case that involves being very blonde and rocking a deep fringe that is long enough to brush her lashes….and by being up-front with specs.

If you need glasses and you can’t get on with contact lenses, choose spectacle frames which suit you and then really rock them as Lulu does.

CLEVER TIP: When buying new glasses, consider shape, colour and size. And, yes we know it’s hard to

Lulu in red and navy

see what you look like when trying on glasses if you are blind as a bat sans specs.

One option is to take a friend whose judgement you really trust (one who will tell you if a pair looks rubbish on you but won’t make you feel rubbish). Or (and this is the clever tip) get a friend (or the salesperson) to use your phone or tablet to snap you in the various frames. And then, wearing your glasses, study them to make your decision…

The Clothes

What these two outfits demonstrate is how scale and colour work. We love Lulu in that red blazer and dress.

As a slightly curvy petite, she looks her best in that terrific cropped blazer. The leopard-print dress works perfectly under it… It looks completely on-trend but not as if she is trying too hard.



We like the navy-blue trousers-and-top, too. We are reluctant to call it a track suit, though it is a kind of track suit. Bit it’s a track suit taken to another level. The trousers are tapered; the top is long and has a scooped-out neckline which makes her neck look longer. Oh yes, and it appears to be made from fabric that isn’t too stiff, which is  more flattering to curves. Also, it’s all one colour, so creates the illusion of height.


Do you like Lulu’s style? Let us know what you think below!


10 thoughts on “Lulu – Here’s how to steal her style…

  1. I am the same age as lulu born in the same month luv her outfits too would luv to know who her hairdresser is too

    • Thanks for commenting, Suzi. Lulu certainly remains an icon among her peers for her sense of style and her great haircuts… we understand that she still gets her hair cut at the John Frieda salon. But we think most good stylists could achieve a similar look. The trick is to print out a picture or download one to your phone to show the stylist exactly what you want, and to insist they don’t deviate from that! Best wishes and good luck with your hair-cut. Send us a picture!

  2. Would like to know where she gets her hair cut done – I’m guessing maybe John Frieda seeing as she was married to him…. may be not! However I would like to know!

    • Hmm. Good question June. Thanks for asking… We love Lulu’s haircut, too. We’ll try to get you an answer, very soon…

  3. Lulu is short like me but, unlike me, she has the courage to wear flat shoes! I do admire that.

    • Thanks for commenting Brenda. It does take courage to wear flats, even when not petite. I was always a ‘heels’ woman until my surgery, then was compelled to wear flats, so I empathise with you. Happily, I’ve discovered there are great flat shoes around. And even if they don’t add height, they can be leg-lengthening if they show a lot of instep, maybe even a flash of toe-cleavage. And can be especially flattering in a nude tone.

    • Many thanks for commenting Eamon. We aren’t planning on writing more information about Lulu’s style at the moment, but if we do, we’ll link it to this blog post. Cyndy

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