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Michelle Pfeiffer – here’s how to steal her style…

If we were the jealous type we might hate Michelle Pfeiffer. But we’re not, so we don’t.

We think that she is a fabulously beautiful woman who looks fabulously beautiful at 59.

Which, of course, is not surprising to us at SoSensational. As we have observed previously (and often), there really is nothing unusual in a woman looking fabulously beautiful at 59 or even at 69. By 79 perhaps “fabulous” is more apt, as in Goldie Hawn.

Why are we thinking about Michelle Pfeiffer? Because, of course, the American actress is one of the stars of the curret remake of Murder On The Orient Express. This version, made by 20th Century Fox,  is directed by Kenneth Branagh who also stars as the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. This adaptation of the Agatha Christie thriller features a glittering cast that also includes Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, and Penelope Cruz.


Michelle Pfeiffer Murder Orient

Pfeiffer has previously starred in a slew of Hollywood hits, including Dangerous Liaisons and The Fabulous Baker Boys. While acknowledging that most of us do not possess the  same degree of Hollywood glamour, we can still borrow some style tips from her.

At a touch over 5’ 7”/1.71m in height, Pfeiffer is fairly tall, but not Amazonian. A woman of any height even one not as well proportioned, can take a lesson from her by choosing a maxi dress/long gown. In one colour from neck to ankle, a maxi dress makes us appear taller/longer which in turn makes us appear leaner. When choosing your maxi, try to find one featuring a linear cut that skims the body, but is not too fitted.


Michelle Pfeiffer premier

The silver evening gown/maxi dress by Prada that Pfeiffer wore to the London premiere of Murder On The Orient Express perfectly illustrates the impact and figure-flattering attributes of a maxi dress/long evening gown. Alright, we know the plunging neckline is, um, a bit ‘Hollywood’ but let’s focus on the single colour from neckline to hemline, and the cut which creates such a dramatic, elongated silhouette. That is the key and that’s what we can steal. Well, steal the idea not the dress, obvs.


Michelle Pfeiffer 1 Michelle Pfeiffer 2

Michelle Pfeiffer 3 Michelle Pfeiffer 4


As we said earlier, she is very beautiful, but the right hair and great make-up definitely help.

Note how a slight wave in exactly the right place, helps to emphasise those cheekbones. That is a trick anyone can copy.

Naturally, her maquillage is perfect for her and also perfect full stop. We realise that is probably achieved by an army of stylists and make-up artists, but we can achieve excellent results with practise. (And by watching the occasional ‘how-to’ video or by reading  great beauty blogs.

Eyes and contouring are both important. Rebecca, our brilliant in-house make-up artist advises: “Firstly, choose an eye shadow palette according to your skin tone. If your skin has a warm tone (if you suit gold jewellery) choose a palette with golds, brown and creams. If you are cooler-toned (and suit silver jewellery and icy ‘cool’ colours) choose a palette with greys, silver and pinks. Use a light shade along the lid; use a dark shade in the crease, and add a swish of highlighter over the brow bone to ‘open’ the eye and brighten the face.”

Michelle Pfeiffer makeup 2 Michelle Pfeiffer makeup 1


“Contouring is a bit of a minefield these days. Don’t feel pressured to look on Instagram or watch YouTube videos as this can be overwhelming. And often the tips and tricks could look ridiculous!

“To shape effectively, you need a good bronzer (something subtle and not too dark!) and a slanted brush. Put the tiniest amount of bronzing powder on the brush and apply in light upward strokes, remembering that overdone contour is a Makeup Crime! Several very light layers to achieve the right effect are always better than one thick, heavy layer. If you’re feeling brave, add a little highlighter on the very top of your cheekbones. A really nice, and easy-to-use set is this Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette.”

Michelle Pfeiffer makeup 3 Michelle Pfeiffer makeup 4


What do you think of Michelle’s style? Let us know in the comments below!


So what do you think?

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