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Monica Belluci – Celeb Style Steal!

Italian actress Monica Belluci may be the oldest Bond Girl ever. But here she also proves she can still really rock a frock at 51…

But at SoSensational, we don’t find it even slightly surprising that she looks sensational at 51.   At SoSensational, we try to show every woman, Bond Girl or just Bond Street shopping girl how to look sensational.

monica belluci

Belluci, who appears alongside Daniel Craig in Spectre, the latest Bond film, now on general release, wore this fabulous red lace gown to the Met Ball, one of the highlights of the New York social calendar…

At SoSensational we recognise that the red lace gown and matching full-length red lace cape, is probably a touch OTT for Christmas drinks with the neighbours, but there are still important lessons to be learned from Ms Belluci’s outfit. For instance, if a colour really looks fabulous on you (and that shade of red really brings out her dramatic colouring) and you wear it head-to-toe, no-one notices the odd figure flaw which you are probably far more conscious of than anyone else. Also, wearing one colour head-to-toe (or neck to knee) makes you appear taller – so a particularly clever if you are petite or just wish to appear taller and slimmer.

Here’s how to steal her style:

MB 2 MB 1


Or, if a long red dress isn’t on your shopping list, how about:

MB 3 MB 4


Don’t forget to accessorise….

MB 5 MB 6


So what do you think?

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