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Nourish body and mind amid stunning Robinson resorts

Imagine stepping out of your hotel onto the soft desert sands, with views of dramatic mountains in the background.

Or hearing the sound of the cicadas chirping in the trees, relaxing beside a lagoon teeming with wildlife and sipping margaritas as the sun goes down at night.

Or do you dream of lots of activity – scuba diving in crystal clear waters, testing the breezes with a spot of kite surfing, learning to sail a catamaran across an azure blue sea, a round of golf, trying out creative skills with art or cookery?


robinson morocco


Holidays are a time to recharge as well as relax, nourishing both body and mind.  Setting your own pace is important because everyone is unique, with different needs.  Perhaps your partner finds it more relaxing to go biking through the countryside whereas you feel like calming down with yoga amid tranquil surroundings? Accompanied by kids? Having a kid’s club on site where they can be kept busy giving you time to relax can make a tremendous difference to enjoyment levels.

Combining such a vast range of interests and finding a holiday that suits everyone can be hard, which is why Thomson’s Robinson resorts are a heaven sent solution.  This is where everyone can truly set their own pace.


robinson maldies


Try a romantic palatial oasis in Morocco where the superb service leaves you feeling like a king or queen. Perhaps the exquisite scent of resin filled pine forests adjacent to the beautiful waters of the Ionian Sea are more to your taste, white sand and coral reefs in the Maldives or being surrounded by the stunning scenery of an Atlantic Ocean nature reserve?

Dine in style in a la carte restaurants, try ever-changing menus at the buffet, or gain an instant energy boost at the Well Food Station with its high protein, low carb and whole food dishes.


robinson turkey


Whatever your preference, Thomson’s Robinson Resorts will create holiday memories of pure pleasure be it simply standing on a beach and watching the sun rise, a calming massage or feeling the breeze on your face as your catamaran skims across the waves.


Are you off on an active holiday this summer? Tell us about it below!


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