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Now it’s November it’s time for knockout knits…

KNockout KNits fi

November is that point in the year when we know it is soon going to get icy and we’ll want to be toasty-warm in a knit…

And if it’s not icy just yet, we can take advantage by wearing our knockout knits without a coat.

And if we happen to have a knockout knit that we don’t want to hide under a coat (even if it is really icy), the solution is simple as this A/W slouchy, oversize knits that comfortably fit over a thermal vest and maybe a T-shirt, too, are right on-trend.

Knits play a big role in our A/W wardrobe, but we need (and want) different knits for different bits of our lives; sometimes we want slouchy, casual knits for brunch out or a flat white with the girls, and sometimes we want a simple knit to go under a blazer or to go over a shirt. Sometimes we want a really warm (maybe cashmere) knit for a skiing holiday, and sometimes we want a knit that won’t overheat us. Sometimes we want a sleek knit or an embellished knit to go out to dinner or to wear to an informal party.

So, here are the knockout knits of all kinds you need now in November and all winter long…


See sensational embroidered knits, perfect for the party season here too…


Which is your fave of our choices above? Tell us below!


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