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See how to wear spring’s hottest trousers…

Paper Bag Trousers

There’s no explanation for why Paper Bag Trousers have become one of the hottest bottom-halves for Spring 18.

They first turned up on the catwalks over 5 years ago but some trends are slow-burners, just awaiting their moment to arrive.

And for Paper Bag Trousers, their moment has arrived now – in Spring 18.

We feel sure you know all about Paper Bag Trousers but in case not, ‘Paper Bag’ refers to the waistline, which is gathered, reminding us of, hmm, a Paper Bag …

Not all Paper Bag Trousers are the same. There are wide leg Paper bag Trousers and tapered leg Paper Bag Trousers. Sometimes they have a deep frill at the waist; sometimes they have a narrow frill; sometimes they have a bow.

Paper Bag Trousers are perfect for women with a ‘straight’ body-shape, as they create the illusion of a

River Island Paper Bag trousers

proper waist.  They are especially good on tall women, which is why they look good on models. But they can work for petites too, as it’s body shape rather than height which determines success with Paper Bag Trousers.

The key to wearing these trousers successfully lies largely in choosing pairs with the right amount of

Matches Fashion Paper Bag Trousers

pleating for our body shape. Oh yes, and how we wear them….

When wearing Paper Bag Trousers, our top always needs to be tucked in after all, you want to show off the key feature (statement waistline, possibly a bow), or why bother?

Necklines matter, too. Anything too low or too high risks making our torso look disproportionately short or

disproportionately long…but if your proportions need equalising, that could be a good thing. We think mid-necklines, such as scooped or shirt, or off-the-shoulder will all work.

And, ahem, because they sit firmly and high on the waist, they can feel a bit tight in the, er, nether regions,

Phase Eight Paper Bag Trousers

so consider buying them slightly larger for a comfortable fit, especially if you are long in the rise.

Well, no-one said they were easy to wear.  And they are definitely harder to wear if you are fuller busted or curvy…So, yes, they are hard to wear, but not impossible.  And it’s worth the effort as they really look good.

Style tip: To avoid adding inches, choose fine, lightweight fabrics for tops, blouses or shirts. Avoid bulky fabrics and chunky jumpers unless you are very slender.

Miss Selfridge Paper Bag Trousers

What do you think of the ‘paper bag’ trouser trend?  Will you love them or leave them?


So what do you think?

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