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Stunning Party Separates – Style them Your Way

If, for a festive-season party (or for any glam event), you want to be fairly certain that no-one else will turn up in the identical outfit to you, the way to go is via the party-separates route.

There are several excellent reasons to like separates: a shapely skirt or trousers plus a stunning top in a party fabric such as silk, satin, lace, chiffon, jacquard, sequins, lurex or velvet, will guarantee your individuality. But, in addition, because you can mix and match tops and bottoms in colour, texture and size, you can ensure your party outfit fits like a dream and really flatters your body-shape and proportions.

If, for example, you are a bit of a pear, you could choose a skirt or trousers in a dark neutral and add a statement top to balance your proportions. If, on the other hand, you are fuller-busted, you may want to wear a top that is muted, paired with ‘wow’ trousers or skirt. And if you are an hourglass, you can choose pieces in soft fabric that hug your figure, and which emphasise those gorgeous, ultra-feminine curves.

Another reason to love party separates is for the flexibility they give us to switch around tops and bottoms to create entirely new looks.

And this season there is a dazzling array of sensational party separates such as slim-fitting jacquard trousers and wide-leg chiffon trousers; maxi skirts, pleated skirts and high-low skirts; velvet tees and lace bardot tops. And we especially love a trouser suit for an androgynous and divinely glamorous look.

With party separates, the permutations really are endless… Here are a few of the tops and bottoms we especially love…

Party Separates 1 Party Separates 2 Party Separates 3


Party Separates 4 Party Separates 5 Party Separates 6


Party Separates 7 Party Separates 8 Party Separates 9


Party Separates 10 Party Separates 11 Party Separates 12


Party Separates 13 Party Separates 14 Party Separates 15


Party Separates 16 Party Separates 17 Party Separates 18


Do you prefer a dress or separates for a party? Please tell us why in the comment box, below.


2 thoughts on “Stunning Party Separates – Style them Your Way

  1. I prefer seperates, as I have a very bad scar on one of my legs, and feel very concience over it. But I do love dresses a party dress just never worn one.

    • Just think of all the advantages to wearing separates – all that wardrobe versatility. If you fancy a change from separates at any time, keep in mind that there are lots of gorgeous maxi dresses around!

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