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Here’s How to Wear Spring’s Big Trend, the Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts

Pencil Skirts are a key trend for Spring 18 (and, it is a safe bet, will be around for A/W18 and beyond).

It’s no surprise the Pencil Skirt is having another moment because the fashion industry is fond of reviving and reworking trends…And the Pencil Skirt has been a huge trend in the past, having had many ‘moments’ from the 1940s onwards…

One reason for its return is that the Pencil Skirt is a great shape for most women, offering an opportunity to show off a reasonably in-shape body.

Baukjen pencil skirt

And for bodies that are not as in-shape as we’d like, there is always Shapewear…

A Pencil Skirt in the right cut and length can look stunning on curvy and petite ladies, too. If you are curvy, avoid buying a Pencil Skirt that’s too tight. That doesn’t mean it has to be loose; it can be fitted; just the right size; not over-tight! Ideally, it should be lined, but if it is unlined, try wearing a shaper slip underneath.

In contrast to the midi skirt with its softness and volume, a pencil skirt creates a more tailored, linear look, making it perfect for work-wear. But in the right fabric and paired with the right top half (and the right footwear), a pencil skirt can also work for party-wear and occasions, too.

We love this one in lace…

M&S blue lace skirt

Unlike many recent wardrobe favourites, a pencil skirt is hard to just throw on; it requires a bit of thought in respect of proportions and the best top half.

Show off a waistline by tucking your top into a pencil skirt. But avoid  adding inches, by choosing a top, blouse or  shirt in a fine fabric that won’t add bulk.

Coast pencil skirt

Hourglass or fuller bust? Tuck in the top or blouse, but avoid a top that is super tight and figure-hugging. But it shouldn’t be too loose, either. A fabric that is soft but not too clingy will be most flattering.  Also, try to avoid both very high and very low necklines – something in the middle, such as scooped, V or square, will be most flattering.

La Redoute denim skirt

Petites should consider wearing a pencil skirt and top or jacket in the same (or very similar) colour and tone to create the illusion of height.

For anyone with a tendency to being a bit pear-shaped, a longer top (or a shirt or blouse) worn outside rather than tucked in to a pencil skirt will be flattering but, when choosing a top to wear over a skirt, try to avoid one that finishes below your bottom-hip or you’ll make your legs look too short. Also choose a top that has a little volume to balance out your torso.

Jigsaw pencil skirt

There are pencil skirts that are simply straight skirts, and there are pencil skirts which are tight-fitting ‘wiggle’ skirts – think Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot… There are wrap shapes, fishtail pencil skirts, and pencil skirts finished with a frill. So there is a Pencil Skirt for all.

Top Shop pencil skirt

There are also different length pencil skirts around, from on-the-knee to midi (and, annoyingly, ‘midi’ can vary from just over the knee to almost mid-calf). (There’s mini, too, but we’re ignoring those. Not because we’re being bossy and telling you not to wear minis, but because midi and knee-length are far more on-trend!)

Damart pencil skirt

We think the best length to pick is the one which does the most for your legs (that will be the one that does not hit your leg at the widest part of your calf or perhaps the widest part of your knee).  When you discover your best skirt-length or skirt-lengths (we all have a couple),  make a note of the measurement so you can try to buy the right length or have your skirts altered to the correct length.

Pure Collection

There are lots of options in colour and fabric, too, from business-like checks, lightweight tweed and neutrals, to playful prints, lace, leather and denim…

Boden pencil skirt

Do you love a pencil skirt?

Do you remember pencil skirts from last time around? Share with everyone, below.

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