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You asked for help. Here’s Petite Perfection!

Petite ladies, we feel your pain.

We know that that finding fabulous and well-fitting Petite fashion for chic older women is hard.

We know that quite a few petite clothing ranges assume that if you are petite, you must be a teenager or a size 8 (or perhaps a teenager and a size 8) when the reality is that some ‘petites’ do not want a tiny size. They simply want a dress or jacket in the right scale for their height in any size. And a Petite woman over 50, over 60 or over 70, wants clothes that are chic and youthful but she does not want the same clothes as those a teenager would wear – or if she does, she wants to style them in a different way.



By the way, while we are talking “Petite” we realise that some of us were not “petite” when younger but, with loss of bone density after menopause, we may have shrunk a bit and now need “petite” clothes.

petite fashion 1



We know that finding fabulous but appropriate and well-fitting Petite clothing is an issue for many SoSensational readers, including Diane and Beryl, who have both been in touch recently to tell us about their difficulty in finding clothes.

Diane believes that “most petite stuff” in UK high street brands consists of miniskirts, leggings, and one-season wonders. She also makes a plea for petite clothing in great colours, requesting: “No more funereal black or boring beige!”

petite fashion 2



Beryl emailed to say:” When will someone recognise that ‘petite’ does not mean skinny teenager?”

She says there are women like herself who are 70-plus, who have lost height and want clothes that fit properly and are “not frumpy but classy.”

petite fashion 3



As we said, we know that finding fabulous (and appropriate) petite clothing isn’t easy, but quite a few major High Street brands – including some you might think of as offering mainly ‘young’ fashion – such as Dorothy Perkins, ASOS and others, offer great Petite clothing for chic older women.

petite fashion 4



Because, at SoSensational we understand your difficulty, we try to find you all the fabulous Petite clothing, including occasion-wear, from all the Petite collections, so you don’t have to search endless websites or go looking in all the shops! And if you are Petite and would like some styling tips, do take a look at our Petite Style Tips, here.

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Have you had issues – or successes – finding Petite clothes? If so, please tell us about them in the comment box, below.


So what do you think?

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