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Petite ladies will love this unparalleled new Precis range

Are you a Petite?

Have you taken a look at Precis Petite recently?


Well, please take a look now, because Precis Petite has undergone a dramatic transformation.

If you liked this brand before, you’ll love it now and there are several compelling reasons to revisit Precis.

The first is that the brand has returned to its roots and reverted to calling itself Precis Petite, after being all minimalist, dropping the ‘Petite’ and being known just as Precis for a while…


precis 2017 2


The second reason has to do with back-room issues – the new brand manager has not only been successfully helping to build another great fashion brand for 10 years but is herself a petite so she really gets what it’s like to get dressed as a Petite.  Also, the brand recognises that not all petites take a small size, so they will be offering shorter-length clothing in bigger sizes.

And the third reason to revisit Precis is, ooh, just because we think you’ll love the new spring/summer 17 collection. We think you will especially love the petite Occasionwear and the petite Party-wear that is totally perfect for all the weddings, parties and red-carpet occasions you will be attending.

For weddings, parties and special occasions, you can find great dresses, many with matching or toning jackets that make them perfect for a Mother of the Bride, for a Mother of the Groom or for a petite mature bride.  There are also ‘party’ dresses in stunning and perfectly on-trend prints and colours and in beautifully textured fabrics. We love the play on proportion, the vintage vibe, and some pieces with a tougher edge.

These are a few of our favourites:


Image Map


Are you petite? Which outfit is your favorite from our choices?


So what do you think?

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