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5 ways to have smoother skin all over

Not only is a bit of body pampering good for the soul, but it’s a rare woman who doesn’t long for softer, smoother skin.

It’s not only nicer to look at, but sexier, more touchable and youthful. Here’s how you can have it in double-quick time.


Makeover dry, dull, lined facial skin – Start with a super-gentle exfoliator such as Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Polish, £16, which uses wild rose seed powder to refine and revitalise delicate facial tissue. This not only freshens and softens instantly, but allows what you put on next to penetrate better and work harder, instead of being soaked up by dead, about-to-be-shed-anyway skin cells. Follow with a reparative, rehydrating treatment such as the award winning Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask, £62. Slather it on like night cream so that its deeply hydrating and cell-rejuvenating properties (from a gorgeously nourishing combination of rose, aloe, shea butter, fruit oils, honey, frankincense and vitamin E) soak in as you sleep. By morning your skin will be noticeably calmer, firmer and more plumped, instead of parched, tight or (horrors!) leathery.

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Refine a crepey cleavage – Give crinkly skin a fast silkening treatment with an exfoliating scrub. Sweeping off dead dry skin cells makes the area fresher, brighter, softer and smoother in seconds. However, with its thinner tissue and fewer oil glands, the décolleté area is not only one of the first areas to show age, but is said to age three times faster than the rest of your body, so be gentle. Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs because the crystals are less coarse – and you can even make your own by mixing a handful of sugar with two tablespoons of coconut oil or any favourite oil. Almond oil is good, or even a neutral kitchen oil such as sunflower oil. (But beware of olive oil which smells a little less than lovely.) Follow with Prai Beauty’s iconic Ageless Throat & Décolletage Creme, £19.99, which sells somewhere in the world every 60 seconds. (And by the way, we couldn’t help noticing that most of the reviewers on the com website gave it a 5-star rating.) Prai, who specialise in neck beauty, say that 95% of women 40+ are concerned about neck ageing. So the formula, which contains both hyaluronic acid to moisturise and ‘Sepilift’ techology to lift and tighten, helps restore elasticity, smoothness and plumpness to the area.

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Reform rough hands and crunchy cuticles – Transform them with L’Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub, £15, massaging it in well for at least 60 seconds and paying particular attention to the backs of your hands and around your cuticles. After rinsing off, you’ll be amazed at the transformation in skin texture. Help maintain the benefits with a good hand cream. Try Murad Rejuvenating AHA Hand Cream, £24 which contains glycolic acid for gentle, grain-free exfoliation, plus botanical hydrating agents for smoothness.

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Transform crocodile shins and lizard legs – Slough off all signs of scaliness with a coarser textured salt scrub. We like The Body Shop Spa of the World Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub, £22 which also contains minerals to revitalise. Do it before depilating and you’ll get a smoother, closer shave, too, while a firm massaging action over your hips and thighs will help stimulate the circulation for detoxifying, anti-cellulite benefits to hips and thighs. It’s brilliantly smoothing over arms, backs and torsos, too, of course. Afterwards, Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle, on offer at £5, was £8 is designed to be used while you’re still soaking wet, so it’s probably the fastest body moisturiser you’ll ever use. Since wet skin absorbs water and hydrates fast, it claims to lock in double the moisture of regular body lotions. However, if you prefer a more conventional body lotion, finish with the award winning This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle, £37, a powerful serum with shea butter, frankincense and antioxidant vitamins to repair, restructure, fade bruising and even create a flattering A-list shimmer.

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Banish hardened hoofs and cracked heels – Whisk off crusty, cracked skin with Scholl’s rechargeable Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry, £39.95 which even works in the bath or shower, although a good old pumice stone will work just as well, albeit with a tad more effort. Afterwards a foot scrub, such as The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub, £7.50 refines and smooths the skin to baby softness. (Think of this double exfoliation as like using the rough and smooth sides of an emery board.) Finish with Margaret Dabbs Intensive Foot Oil, £22, a unique dry oil spray, which instantly transforms dehydrated, cracked, broken skin. Together, they’re a total makeover for feet.

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