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Easily add a little sparkle to your wardrobe

Nothing gives you the perfect wardrobe update like gorgeous new gold and silver necklaces.

Whether you love sparkly silver, gorgeous gold, or are working the modern look of mixing your metallic, here is our go to guide for adorning yourself in some serious bling.


  1. Add a little sparkle to your basics – from the LBD to the plain white tee, adding a necklace can take the everyday to astonishing (and it is a quick wardrobe fix). From subtle, simple chains to bold, wide bibs and everything in between, necklaces are the perfect addition to update your basics.

1 silver small 2 gold big



  1. Layer up – it doesn’t matter if you love silver or gold jewellery or both, layering up your metallics is super chic and has a grown up bohemian vibe.  Just be wary not to over do it and keep necklaces at varying lengths. If you are unsure how to layer, why not cheat and buy a layered necklace.

3 multi



  1. Keep it chic and cheap. Just because you are wearing silver and gold doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune.  Costume jewellery is ideal, especially when you want to wear a large, solo statement piece. Just remember to keep other jewellery down to a minimum to allow the necklace to really standout.

4 statement



  1. Tone and Styling – When picking out the perfect necklace, think about skin tone. Each and every skin tone can wear metallics, but just make sure you have the right tone against your skin and your clothing. For example, if you have bluey, cool skin tone, opt for silver.  If you have yellowy, warm skin tone, opt for gold.  For those who like something a little different, don’t forget to throw a little rose gold into the mix.

5 rose



For styling, wear draping necklaces with long dresses, and choker style with a shorter hemline. If you want to show off your bling, then choose a V or open neck and block colour.

7 long 8 short



Finally think about your style, as well as colouring.  Gold is chic and warm, silver crisp and modern.  A mix of the two shows you are fashion savvy.

6 both



Which piece is your favourite?  Just comment below and let us know!


2 thoughts on “Easily add a little sparkle to your wardrobe

  1. LOVE the Mia Belle Mixed Metal Layers – perfect for matching as many outfits as possible and ideal for lazy layering for novices like me 🙂

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