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Hair, Make Up & Style for Older Women – Pear Shaped Silhouette

Glenys, a retired midwife with a pear shaped silhouette, didn’t usually wear wrap dresses, until we showed her that they were the perfect dress shape for her pear shaped silhouette…



Glenys – My name is Glenys. I live in Lancashire in a little village called Ribchester. I’m a retired midwife. I spent my whole life in uniform, and I would like the makeover so I could get some fresh ideas.

Cyndy – Would you like to see what a really great makeover can achieve? I’m Cyndy, and my business partner Jan and I help grown-up women find wonderful, appropriate clothes at

Trisha – And I’m Trisha. I’m founder of Look Fabulous Forever, and we have a range of make-up specifically formulated for older women. Keep watching this video, and you’ll see how the right clothes, hair, and make-up can completely transform your appearance. – I think we have achieved a really pretty look on Glenys. I’m thrilled with this. She’s got lovely green eyes. So, we’ve added a soft moss lid color, and a forest eye shade works perfectly on her eyes, and then it’s complemented by this beautiful, soft plum lipstick. We chose that because of the color of the dress. If you choose a lipstick that works with the color of the dress then, of course, it looks extra fabulous.

Cyndy – We were really pleased when Glenys said that she would join us for this makeover. She said she couldn’t wait to wear a wrap dress. I’m delighted to say that Jan and I have proved her wrong. This wrap dress really does show off her figure beautifully. She’s got a great waist, and it’s a fabulous asset. We’ve also in this dress balanced the hips, have put in shoulder pads which give it an extra bit of pizzazz. For a totally glam look, we’ve just added a really pretty necklace. Glenys when you get the next gorgeous invite, you’ve got something to wear.

Cyndy – We’ve given Glenys here a more casual look this time. We’ve taken this lovely cashmere sweater and pulled up the sleeves because, believe it or not, when sleeves are this length it really lengthens the legs. This sweater has a really nice back to it which actually covers the rear. The complimenting scarf gives a great line down the front. Really, you’re good to go.

Cyndy – We’ve taken this satiny blouse for Glenys. It did have a pussy bow-tie, but we’ve taken that off and instead used a really glamourous necklace for her. So, this outfit will take her to any sort of informal party, but if she wants to wear it with a more formal look then just add a jacket and it’s perfect.


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