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We tried & tested some DD+ bras from Ultimo…

Kayleigh who has a fuller bust, tried a lace bra and a strapless bra from the Ultimo collection.

Here is her DD+ wearer report:

“First I tried out Ultimo’s Low Back Strapless Bra, from their DD-FF range. Anyone with a fuller bust will understand the struggle to find a strapless bra which actually supports your bust! Straps really are essential for us, or so I thought!

This is definitely the most supportive strapless bra I have ever tried and is probably the most supportive strapless bra you could possibly find – and, as a 36F, I don’t say that lightly!

However, I recommend buying a cup-size smaller. I wore a 36E and it fitted much better than my usual F as I filled it out better therefore making it much more supportive. A deep band at the back and the underwiring added to its supportiveness. The underwiring is a complete god-send and makes the bra super flattering! I wore this bra under an off-the-shoulder top for a night out and my bust felt supported all evening.

The pliable texture and the clever shaping provide a stunning cleavage boost, which I didn’t think was possible with a strapless bra! Wearing it a cup size down, also made it a better fit, so I would recommend that.

ultimo dd+ low back



“After that, I tried out their Iona Lace Cup Bra in timeless black. This is a floral lace bra with adjustable straps also from the Ultimo DD-plus collection. The dark lace is prettily accentuated by soft-nude microfibre lining. It has a concealed underwire but no padding, just the lace-and-microfibre cup

I had never worn a bra without padding so I was slightly apprehensive that it wouldn’t be as supportive as I was used to. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The bra was super comfortable and once I adjusted the straps to fit, I was immediately aware of how much support it gave me; it definitely held everything in the right place and gave me a seriously impressive cleavage! It looked good under my clothes, too, and there was no bumpy texture from the lace showing through my top.

I wore the bra for the entire day at work. It was so comfortable, I honestly felt like I wasn’t wearing a bra, and although it was quite a delicate fabric, it was definitely supportive. As a 36F-cup, I didn’t think I would be able to wear such a filmy bra! I would 100% recommend it for ladies who have a fuller bust.”

ultimo dd+ iona


Do you have a fuller bust and struggle to find supportive bras?


4 thoughts on “We tried & tested some DD+ bras from Ultimo…

  1. Hello Kayleigh

    I appreciate your response and I’d love to wear either of the two bras but I’ve been told by a consultant not to wear boned bras. (I had referred pain in my boobs from the bones pressing on my ribs.) He also didn’t believe any woman should wear boned bras for various reasons. Tell that to anyone trying to find a boneless bra! But he was right as far as I was concerned so I threw all my boned bras away.


    • Hi Sue,
      That’s very interesting, I know a good, supportive boneless bra would benefit a lot of women! – If any of our other site visitors reading this can help, we’d love to hear from you!

  2. I’ve always had great difficulty finding pretty and supportive bras with wide shoulder straps. Unfortunately the second bra in this article would cut my shoulders to shreds, much as I’d love to be able to wear it. Many women with a fuller bust suffer with neck and shoulder problems and I’m one of them.

    I’m a 34″ DD-E and find it even more frustrating as many of the wider-strapped support bras – especially in places like M&S – don’t start until 36″. This seems daft as there are many small women who have a large bust. And not everyone can, or should, wear boned bras. Consequently this limits the choice even more, especially when it comes to basic black or white.

    Sorry to rant on your great website but this is an ongoing sore point for me.

    • Hi Sue, I completely feel your pain – finding nice bras in bigger sizes is always a challenge! However, as the second bra is so supportive, the straps aren’t doing as much work as they usually would and therefore not as uncomfortable on the shoulders. As a 36E I totally understand your neck and shoulder issues and I also suffer with back problems for the same reason – it truly is an issue for women like us. I also see your point with the sizing problem, I would try Ultimo if I were you, they have a great range of most sizes and are a lot more supportive than you’d think!
      Hope this helps 🙂

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