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Update your Spring Wardrobe with Great Plains now

You know we love easy-going pieces at SoSensational. Luckily for us, easy-going pieces are very much A Thing right now. (By ‘A Thing’, obviously, we mean ‘a trend’, and a trend which works magnificently for grown-up women…)

We’re talking about clothes that are a little bit slouchy, a little bit over-sized, but perfectly cut and made in great fabrics ensuring that we always look super-chic. Those are the easy pieces we’re looking for as spring arrives…

And if that’s what you’re looking for, too, then you’ve hit the mother-lode with all these stunning pieces from Great Plains.

An easy-going jersey dress in the season’s hottest colour is just the piece to look fresh and spring-ready without freezing to death. Easily styled up for going out, mid-styled for work, or styled down with trainers for off-duty.

We’re really loving trousers, too, in all shapes and cuts – wide-leg, slim-leg and paper-bag. And we also cherish a well-proportioned jacket, a slouchy jumper or a crisp shirt that perfectly pairs with our trousers.

And while there are lots of gorgeous pieces in plain fabrics, as you might expect from a brand called Great Plains, there are sexy stripes and great low-key prints as well as hot colour to add some sizzle to your spring wardrobe.

great plains dress great plains wide leg trousers

great plains bomber great plains waterfall

great plains cashmere great plains stripe jumper

great plains Jumper great plains jumper


Which piece from Great Plains new in is your fave? Cyndy loves the orange dress and Jan adores the print bomber!


So what do you think?

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