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Here’s how to find your best ever coats to invest in

What should we look for in a coat in the sale?

We ask because Sale-Time, in our view, is an excellent time to treat ourselves to a fabulous new coat and to get it at a smaller price than we would have paid in October, or will have to pay next October…

But back to our question: what should we look for in a coat in the sale in 2018?

Back in the day, when we blew out fewer candles on our birthday-cake (which actually only feels like last week), the received wisdom on coat-buying was to look for the best quality coat you could afford in a timeless (AKA Classic) style.

Then a few years on, the advice was all about buying the most expensive Designer coat you could afford (which had a big ticket-price but was not always top quality). And then a decade or so later, everything changed again to encourage us to buy the most on-trend coat, and replace it each winter with a coat in the new season’s hot trends and colours.

And alongside all of those factors, there is also a requirement for a coat to be warm, though if we commute in over-heated trains or inside our warm car not too warm…

Confused? We certainly are…So we thought we would examine the options in coats in the winter Sales, and see what’s available at a smaller price now, always remembering there are several months of freezing winter weather still to come before Spring arrives and that if you see a stunning coat in the sale (even one that you don’t actually need this winter), you will be all set for next Winter…



Classic coats can seem a bit unexciting but think how exciting it is to reach into your closet and know with absolute certainty that a fabulously elegant and timeless coat is always waiting for you. And if you’ve been reading about some of the big trends for 2018, the trench coat is again among them, so these trench-inspired beauties in suede and in tweed, are not only timeless and elegant but right on trend, too…

coats in sale 1 coats in sale 2


coats in sale 3 coats in sale 4



If you are anything like Jan and love a designer label on show when you throw your coat casually over a chair, this delicious designer foursome will make you deliriously happy and look endlessly chic for the rest of this winter. And for lots of chilly days ahead since none of them shriek “2018”…

coats in sale 6


coats in sale 7 coats in sale 8



For style-hounds who always want to rock the coolest fashions, here are a few of this season’s hottest trends – faux fur, military, jewel tones and velvet… All available in the sale at a significantly discounted price…


coats in sale 11


Are you thinking of buying a new coat, and if so what do you look for in a winter coat?


So what do you think?

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