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Is 2017 the all-important year of the Wedding?

Is 2017 a Big Year for you?

Is it a big year because you have a wedding or another special occasion coming up?

If the answer is ‘Yes,’ are you going to be a bride in 2017? Or is your son or daughter marrying this year? Or are you going to be a guest at an important wedding or event?


Mature Bride?

If you are a second-time-around or mature bride, we think you will be looking for something glamorous, gorgeous and bridal but different from a frock that you might have wanted to wear (or, indeed, may have worn) 20 or 30 years ago. You want to look bridal, but you probably also want sleek and elegant – perhaps a simple dress-and-jacket in lace or a dress to pair with a duster coat or a cape, or perhaps a two-piece (which makes it easier to get the fit right, as you can buy the top and bottom in different sizes). Colour is all important – many collections designed for Mothers of the Bride will have frocks that are perfect for you as a bride; we’ll help you find them in colours suitable for a bride.

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Mother of the Bride or Groom?

Are you looking forward to being the Mother of the bride or the Mother of the Groom in 2017?   Cyndy and Jan have both been there… bought the frock, suffered the angst, reviewed the photos, so they know just how you are feeling…

You want to look wonderful without overshadowing the bride. Also, it’s a good idea to have a chat well in advance with the other parents so that you all complement one another. You may want to decide whether to wear long or short and also about colour. You don’t want to turn up in the same colour, but nor in wildly clashing colours, either. Don’t forget the photos and video will be around to remind you!

If you need a a hat to complete your look, but not sure what would suit you, our Occasion Hats advice will help in finding the right hat for your faceshape.

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Wedding Guest?

At SoSensational we understand that as a woman of 50-plus, whether you are a key member of the bridal party or it is someone else’s big day and you are ‘just’ a guest, you still want to look completely fabulous… If it’s a summer wedding, you’ll find some great tips on our Ascot/Summer weddings blog. 

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We do understand that as a gorgeous grown up woman, you may have body issues which are crucial to your fashion choices. So, if you need some guidelines to help you choose the dress or outfit that is perfect for you, you can find style advice specifically for fuller busts; style advice for pears, style advice for Petites, and style advice if you are Tall.


Top tips for women in the wedding party:

  1. Carry tissues. You knew that but you need lots because, if you are the MoB or the MoG you may need to offer them and will be expected to have plenty.
  2. Carry wet wipes in case of spills on you or any members of the bridal party, though with Photo-shop, they can be ‘removed’ from the photos.
  3. Carry a few cotton-buds AND a mini tube of cleanser or moisturiser. In combination, cotton-buds and cream are excellent for getting rid of panda eyes caused by having a little weep during the ceremony. You can usually acquire sample-sized tubes of cleanser or moisturiser when you shop (in-store or online) for cosmetics and skin-care.
  4. Carry Bach’s Rescue Remedy for using yourself or if some other member of the bridal party gets stressed.
  5. Have a high-energy snack before you get caught up in photos, climb into wedding cars, etc. You don’t have to eat a lot, it can be a small snack (e.g. half a slice of granary toast with peanut butter) this will avoid your blood-sugar sinking so low you risk fainting and will stop your first sip of Bubbly going straight to your head.
  6. Carry some Buddies (pre-cut tapes) for sartorial emergencies such as fallen hems, visible-straps or flappin splits on skirts.
  7. Need tanned pins but there’s no time to get to the beauty spa? Tan your legs simply and evenly (no orange patches) with amazing Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.


Are you going to be a bride or planning a wedding in 2017, do tell us how you are coping…


So what do you think?

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