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It’s time to look after our wellbeing with John Lewis

It’s that time of the year: we’ve overdone the Christmas food, the cocktails and the New Year’s Eve nibbles.

We’ve probably spent more time than usual on the sofa watching movies with a box of Quality Street close by…

Now we’re looking in the mirror and saying to ourselves “Something’s Got To Be Done.”

Whether that ‘something’ is joining the gym, eating more healthily or getting out to walk or cycle – or maybe all of the above – we have been finding you everything you need for a fitter, calmer, healthier 2018. And best of all, we’ve found everything for your wellbeing in one place, at John Lewis.


John Lewis Wellbeing Blog 1 Fitness Wear

If we’ve decided to join a gym, or to go swimming or jogging or to join a Pilates class, nothing re-energises our fitness routine or is a better incentive to staying on track with a fitness programme than loving our fitness kit.


John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 1 John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 2 John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 3



John Lewis Wellbeing Blog 2 Healthy Eating

As well as increasing our exercise, we’d like to increase the good stuff we eat, so we need a blender for the healthy, great-tasting, nutritious soups, fruit smoothies and veggie shakes we are planning to make in 2018. And we also need clever containers to ensure we can eat and drink all the right stuff on the go.


John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 4 John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 5



John Lewis Wellbeing Blog 3 Sleep

A great night’s sleep really helps us to recharge, so we’ve been tracking down all the bedroom essentials needed to ensure a better night’s sleep, such as super comfy bedding and special lamps which help us avoid SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).


John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 6 John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 7



John Lewis Wellbeing Blog 4 Fitness Trackers

These are the clever bits of technology we can strap to our wrist to keep track of how many steps we’ve taken, or how many miles we’ve cycled. The cleverest ones can also connect to your phone, be worn underwater and even track your sleep pattern.


John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 8 John Lewis Wellbeing Blog product 9


Are you ready to look after your wellbeing this 2018?


So what do you think?

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