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What don’t you miss from when you were younger?

At SoSensational, we are always looking for positive stories about over-50s, over-60s and the Boomer generation, so when we found this intriguing survey from housebuilder McCarthy & Stone we thought we’d share it with you.

According to the survey of more than 1,000 people aged over 60, there are more than 30 things over-60s do not miss about being younger.

Yes, you read that right: over 30 things over-60s do not miss about being younger, including ferrying the kids around and the daily stress of running a family home.

According to the study, other things over-60s do not miss include worrying about your weight and the constant juggling of work and childcare.


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Researchers polled 1,500 adults aged 60 and over on behalf of retirement housebuilders McCarthy & Stone. Other life activities they said they were happy to leave to the younger generation, included worrying about what people think of you, cooking meals for the family every night and sitting exams.

Another activity to make the list of things over-60s don’t miss was “ironing school uniforms on a Sunday night.” Unloved school-related activities which resonated with Cyndy and Jan but which did not make the list would have been: “sewing labels on school uniform, gym kit, etc” and “making daily packed lunches.”

Of those polled, 87% said that although they enjoyed their youth, and missed certain aspects of it, they were just as happy now. In fact, almost two thirds (63%) said they were happier now. More than half said their relationship with their spouse was at its best, mainly due to not having the stress of work and running a family home.


So here is the full list of what the over 60s do not miss about being young according to that study:


1. Being at work five days a week
2. Having to get up to an alarm clock
3. Having to be up and out of the house at a certain time
4. Revising for and sitting exams
5. Enduring the daily commute to work
6. Financial worries
7. Having to dress suitably for work everyday LINK TO WORKWEAR
8. Having to spend your working week with people you don’t like
9. Having a boss who breathes down your neck
10. Getting children up and ready for school
11. Juggling work and family commitments
12. Waiting for pay day
13. Tidying up after the children all day long
14. Worrying about what other people think
15. Having awkward first dates
16. Never having a lie-in
17. Ironing school uniforms on a Sunday night
18. Not being confident in yourself
19. Packing everything but the kitchen sink for family holidays
20. Struggling to get on the property ladder
21. Juggling afterschool activities and parents evening etc
22. The stress of running a family home
23. Worrying so much about my looks
24. Worrying so much about what the scales say
25. Cooking large family meals every night
26. Competitiveness amongst friends
27. Having to do DIY at the weekends
28. Cooking several different meals for the family every night
29. Doing a big weekly food shop
30. Having to host the family Christmas
31. Having to socialise with other parents
32. Spending all day staring at a screen
33. Being called out as an emergency service when kids’ cars break down


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Do tell us if you think there’s anything missing from that list. Is there anything you are particularly happy to wave goodbye to from your younger years?


So what do you think?

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