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Women Who Can – The New Karen Millen Campaign is here

We have been thinking.

And among the thoughts that popped into our heads was this:   What advice would we give our younger self?”

Hmm, the advice we would give our younger self (and we suspect a lot of Women aged over 50 would offer similar advice to their younger self) was this: “Don’t be so hard on yourself”.   Because we were tough on ourselves; super critical of every flaw – some of us still are.  It’s the habit of an adult lifetime.

So why were we so tough on ourselves?  We think it may be because, we, the Boomer Generation and Gen X, were the first generations to have mass-circulation magazines holding a mirror up to our lives, to tell us that we needed to be thinner, prettier and have better hair.

Oh yes, and to tell us how to live every aspect of our lives from how to apply blusher to how to bake a Victoria sponge, to how to have an orgasm. Failure in any sphere couldn’t be tolerated. And no-one was tougher on us than we were on ourselves…

The other piece of advice we could give to our younger self might be to recognise that you can’t Do It All or Have It All.  (Once again, the mantras that the Boomer Generation and Gen X grew up believing were “You can Do It All” and “You can Have It All.”)

And the reality is, you can’t Do It All or Have It All – at least not without a cost to your health, though you can do a lot. And our generation did do a lot, which is why we’re not prepared to become invisible now (and why we still want gorgeous clothes!)

Oh, yes. And another memo to our younger self might say: “Don’t discard really good handbags.” Why? Because, unlike clothes, which are never quite the same next time around, handbags often are!


WOmen who can 1


Why did we spend our working day pondering abstract concepts? Well, because Karen Millen started us thinking. You may believe Karen Millen is merely a fabulous fashion brand. But, it’s much more than that; Karen Millen is “celebrating” inspiring women, through a clever and empowering campaign entitled “Women Who Can.”

The Women Who Can campaign has been launched in conjunction with the Step-Up Club, a leader in modern female career development. With its ethos of female empowerment, the Step-Up Club is designed to provide confidence and inspiration to women.

We think their ethos and the Women Who Can campaign go hand-in-hand with the Karen Millen ethos of offering fashion that empowers women and, in their words, gives you the confidence to be your best self.

And after all that thinking about the advice we’d give to our younger self, SoSensational couldn’t wait to review the new Karen Millen A/W collection. We think it will make us feel confident, sassy, empowered and resilient (and ensure we turn a few heads!)


We all love this frill-hem, knit midi dress. Elegant AND snugly warm; Work-friendly (styled with ankle-boots) AND perfect for an evening out – this is our new favourite frock.

Women who can 2



And we all love this fitted bodysuit… Available in black or navy, it is the definitively perfect piece to wear under a blazer plus any kind of bottom half. With its scoop neckline and studs, it works for work, weekends or parties (for party-wear we’d just lose the blazer and add statement earrings).

Women who can 3



Pyjama inspiration has finally broken through and this pyjama-inspired trouser suit is our A/W go-to for PJ inspired pieces. We love the moody Bordeaux colour and that slouchy, louche jacket. We want it as a suit for work (to wear over a polo-neck sweater with flat pumps, and a big tote) and we’ll wear it to parties with heels and a little vest.

Women who can 4



This is another party-perfect dress. We love the luxe satin fabric, the figure-hugging cut and the luscious cream colour.

Women who can 5



Our final pick is a piece that signals that we mean business. In timeless black, with its fuss-free silhouette, this is a dress we can wear to work under a blazer, or for off-duty with a biker… just the kind of cleverness and versatility we cherish.

Women who can 6


Please join in the conversation… What advice would you like to give to your younger self?


So what do you think?

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