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You’ll Look Powerfully Glamorous in a Dress with Sleeves

Sleeves are really important for A/W 18.

Yes, we know sleeves are always important in the autumn and winter. But, usually, they are there to keep us warm. But for the upcoming season, sleeves are important for trend reasons not just as sleeves to cover arms

For A/W 18, look out for balloon sleeves, split sleeves, bishop sleeves, tulip and flute sleeves, frill-trimmed 3/4-length sleeves. But, basically any and all sleeves.

Sleeves, whether decorative or plain,  are also perfect for women of 50-plus because many of us don’t like to show our arms.

And because the fashion industry is beginning to cater to the needs of the 50-plus consumer (only beginning, please note), that is one reason why sleeves (and midis and maxis) were all over the catwalks and collections for A/W 18.

Indeed, it is the same reason why sleeves (and midis and maxis) had a moment during this summer, too.

[Midis are another story. For now, we’ll just remind you of what we’ve said before: that there are Real Midis and Faux Midis. The Real Midi is quite long and often a bit flowy – almost a maxi, in fact – but showing ankles and a few inches of calf. Then there’s the Faux Midi where the word  ‘Midi’ is used to describe a dress that’s long enough to properly cover the knees (what many of us would simply call ‘knee-length’) but not a true Midi in spirit or cut…]



As we said, there are lots of sleeves out there, which is good news for all of us women of 50-plus. But to save you having to search for them, we’ve done the searching for you. Find lots here.  Curvy girls who want a dress with sleeves, find them here, and Petite ladies, find fabulous frocks, including lots with sleeves, here.

And with Hindu, Jewish and Islamic festivals upcoming, dresses with sleeves are also good news if we want a dress to wear to attend the Synagogue, Temple or Mosque.

sleeves to cover arms sleeves to cover arms

sleeves to cover arms sleeves to cover arms



And a dress with sleeves is perfect for work-wear, too, especially in early autumn when it may be a mix of mild and chilly. A chic dress (with sleeves) is just what is needed to look impressive and feel comfortable in any temperature…

sleeves to cover arms sleeves to cover arms

sleeves to cover arms sleeves to cover arms



And when it comes to party-wear, a gorgeous dress with sleeves (perhaps with sheer sleeves to cover arms) is precisely what we need to turn heads and avoid flashing our arms. So here are four stunning dresses including one with lace sleeves and two with pretty sheer sleeves to cover arms. And here are lots more dresses with sleeves for party-wear. Curvy girls will find a dazzling selection of dresses with sleeves, here on Plus Occasion Wear, while Petite ladies will find dresses with sleeves here, on Petite Occasion wear.

sleeves to cover arms sleeves to cover arms

sleeves to cover arms sleeves to cover arms


So what do you think?

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